How to deal with writer’s block


Writer's-block-1I have a writer’s block again.
I have been trying to pen a blog post since late last night but somehow the words are not flowing. Out of frustration, I left it to go back to it with a fresh mind this morning but it’s still not happening.

Frustration is mounting so is my bad mood because let’s face it, writer’s block or any creative block for that matter, feels like a total waste of time so I’ve decided to call it a day.

Creative blocks are a regular occurrence and I find that the best way to work through them is to let them be and do something completely different so Mila and I are off surfing.How to deal with writer's blockHow to deal with writer's blockI shall return when I’m in a better mood :-))

Life with mila | the credit card


Life with Mila | The credit card

Mila: “Papa…at what age can I have a credit card?”
Steve: “31”
Mila: “Really!? But Hayley has one and she is like 21”
Steve: “Yeah but its 21 in New-Zealand. In France it’s a weird rule but it’s 31”
Mila: “OK…”fun father & daughter conversation

A renovated blacksmith studio in Greece


A stunning bedroom/workspace in a renovated old blacksmith workshopI have a thing for high ceilings, don’t you?
I also very much love plywood or any architectural buildings and dwellings made out of wood for that matter and if you haven’t seen my recent post, check this beautiful minimalist kitchen.

This gorgeous space above, is an old blacksmith studio built in 1930 renovated by Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen, Louis Becker and Jens Thomas Arnfred, three Danish Architects who happen to be friends too.
Eight years ago, they decided to buy this old blacksmith’s warehouse on the Greek island of Lesbos so they could all go on holidays together with their respective families, isn’t this wonderful!? Continue Reading

How to pack the best natural First aid kit


How to pack the best natural First aid kit for the SummerI’ve never been one known to pack the whole house when we travel around Europe.
I like to travel light without constraints but I have a child who likes climbing trees and spend hours in the water so here are some of my favourite organic products I pack for the whole family in our toilet bag.

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