Year: 2008

Karina wrote ‘I do not dream of super luxury hotels, I dream of beautiful places, I dream of sea or lakes, I dream of a pretty but simple home, I found this home and it is very close the home I dream of. It makes me think of a certain lifestyle, adventures,family,time for reading,fishing, a glass of red wine looking at the water when the sun falls.’And I’m with her on this. As I can only escape to our house in France just a few times each year, seeing relaxed, unpretentious places like this make me feel good and help to beat the winter blues…

The Design work of Stephen Crowhurst

Stephen Crowhurst is a surface and pattern designer living in Toronto, Canada. He recently sent me a link to his site Hello Hello (cool name). I really like his style…. Creating unique and life inspiring pieces, Stephen works on a wide range of freelance commissions while at the same time creating his own line of fabric prints and other interior products.

Trendy eco chic accessories for kids

I just received an email from Shelly about this sweet, eco-friendly range of cardboard furniture for children designed by Green LullabyI like the idea that kids can customize their own furniture and develop their sense of creativity. It’s quite cute and at least when the kids grow out of it, you can just dispose of it and be good to the Earth at the same time.Via Erayo

BODIE and FOU in Vogue’s Secret Address Book

In Vogue (December issue)‘Euro vision: BODIE and FOU is home to chic continental furniture.Run by French sisters Elodie and Karine, this furniture website is a collection of stylish home accessories by European Designers, including everything from minimal four-poster beds to garden furniture and armchairs. The Blog is their little black book of interiors, with tips on how to recreate their effortlessly stylish French chic’

Awesome review in Shortlist

Today we had another fantastic review on our best-selling Cognac glasses in Shortlist magazine (they also feature the very good-looking Jose Mourinho on the front cover) so a big thank to the Editorial team there… Here is what they wrote: Cognac glass revolutionisedStunning Danish glassware looks set to raise the number of hard liquor drinkers. Cognac: it’s a man drink. Not only has it graced the dinner tables of gentlemen and sworthy soldiers alike, it’s the most refined way to finish off a hearty meal. The French do it and let’s face it, they’re never wrong when it comes to food. Yet with this most noble of drinks, a plastic beaker just will not do and that’s where Danish designer Rikke Hagen’s work comes in. Hagen scrapped the traditional stem as it was ‘irrating’ her, and created the vessels to enhance a drink’s colour, temperature, movement and bouquet. They also nestle in your hand in a pleasing manner – and look brilliant, which make them a must-have in our book.£27.50 for a set of 2 …

Bonjour mon coussin

Today I received a lovely email from Claire Eglizeaud et Paul Moreau, the French stylist and designer behind Bonjour mon Coussin. They’ve designed a fantastic range of cushions which are inspired by vintage maps of Paris or vintage bus and tube tickets….and their cushions are very affordable! Only 34 Euros which is perfect if you want to update a tired sofa in no time. I had read lots of good things about Bonjour mon Coussin before and remembered thinking it was cool to see some great designs coming from Bordeaux, which is where I went to Uni. Here are my favourites…inspired by Russia, old advertising, a vintage optician poster and even a copy of a wedding certificate from the registry office. All the cushions are made in France To buy one of these lovely, quirky cushions, simply go to Their site is available in English too.

Fab fonts

I’ve just discovered these fabulous (free!) fonts on Poppytalk so I’m just adding them to remember where they are because I’m likely to use them in the future Milho CozidoBotellasClementine SketchWoodstamp

Bringing Africa to France

I was really seduced by the colours and style of this kitchen. It is very different from I would go for my own interiors but at a weekend retreat (which is what it is), I think it works wonder and I admired Carole’s vision for doing so. Her kitchen, in fact the whole house….. looks wonderful, inviting and relaxing. I love the turquoise door against the soft pink of the walls and the little touches of blue given by the broom, the kitchen clothes and ceramic bowl… Carole, the owner, lived in Cameroon for a while and one can really the influences of african old village houses in her house in France, which makes it so special, simple and relaxing. The spare room is in an old barn…doesn’t this look absolutely gorgeous!! Look at the space, the light and they found the bed in the attic! It’s such a wonderful find! I could seee myself spending summer nights there and lying until breakfast timeAnd look at the children’s room…. I can already imagine a bunch …