Month: February 2008

The Pet project

When you are design-conscious and pets lovers, it is not always easy to conciliate both. Fatboy is one of the few brands that finally made doggie lounges cool along with the pac-a-mac from Pucci.There is also Mungo & Maud, a London shop located near Sloane Square that makes shopping for your pets, a nice experience, just because their shop is really pretty and nicely styled. I quite like their organic biscuits bags that come in hessian draw-string bags (pictured below left). However, nothing comes as sleek than the designs from the Pet Project, a Danish company that created a luxury design-line for pets. Lene Nendel, the designer behind the range, was working for an interior design company with Michael Ryding, now her busniess partner in this new great venture. One day, she got herself two cats and went out shopping to get them some accessories. At that stage, she wondered why pets accesories always had to be ugly, overly cute or not very tasteful and decided to design her own range. We glad she did…. …

My ‘Director’ desk

I had a meeting yesterday with a mail order supplier and the person sitting in front of me, asked my why if I was the company Director, I had the crappiest desk in our office…which made everybody laugh. OK my desk is in fact an old and very distressed wooden door and frankly we could be in the sleekest John Pawson office space, I would still use it as my office desk. Why?…Simply because it is very spacious, since a door is much bigger than your average desk. It also has a story…I saw it one evening coming back from work and I had to drag & bribe my kid brother Francois who was living with me at the time, to come and help me carry it. My ‘table’ started its new life as a coffee table at home and it was a great thing to display a few beautiful interiors books with some small handmade vases and scented candles from Cote Bastide without getting the feel that our coffee table was cluttered. Its vintage …

Chocolate love

Just saw these chocolates on K+ Keukens, a nice Belgium blog. Aren’t they great?A bit off my limit for me right now because I’m sticking to my new year resolutions to lose the baby weight (it’s about time…Mila will be 3 years old in May….) but they would be fantastic for a wedding…. You can get them from this company Baska-Jon

Our bird pegs as wedding accessory

Last May I blogged about Diane, one of our US customers who had ordered several boxes of our bird clothes pegs for her daughter’s wedding. They were planning to use them to hold table place cards on a line for guests.Our team thought it was a great idea but Diane has just sent us some pics from the wedding, and the result is truly fantastic! Guest names were beautifully written on cards with their seating at the back and hang onto a line for them to pick.We wish the newly weds all the happiness in the world.(c)Pictures are courtesy of Diane Powell