Month: April 2011

Life with Mila…at the beach

This week, we are at the beach….I’m painting a few bits and pieces in the house, changing the hobb and sanding the kitchen bench in this other house, Steve is adding a door & windows to the tree house and at the end of each day, we go to the beach…I took the minx to the haircoiffeur* yesterday. She wanted a fringe….I swear since she got it, she seemed to have developped some kind of over “I’m too cute” type of thing confidence…as if more was needed! Morning:Mila: “Maman, can you bring me a mirror pleeaasse” (fringe novelty obliges)Me: “Why don’t you move your little bum and drag yourself in front of the mirror!” Afternoon:Mila: “Maman…why do you always paint everything in white?“Me: “Because I love it! White interiors calm me down”Mila: “Yeah but you always paint everything white, white, white…I thought you liked blue”Me: “I do. I love colours on clothes but at home, I like white because then I can add a few touches of colours”Mila: “It’s boring!” – tiens prend ca maman …


It’s not often that I post about music but on Tuesday eveninbefore we went on holidays, I took Mila to her first concert to see Cocoon, a French band that sings in English and I think they are really worth it!It was a great, intimate concert and their songs are very cool. So I just want to spread a bit of love and I’m hoping you will love them too.While I’m at it, I would also highlight the performance of Mesparrow who gave us a pretty amazing performance PS: They will be at Glastonbury too so if you go, try to go and see them

Paris Creative Couples by Editions PAUMES

The new book Paris Creative Couples by Editions Paumes has arrived…I’m so excited! Each time we get a new one, I feel like a little girl in a candy shop.This one focuses on creative couples in Paris and you will see the homes of amazing, inspiring people like this gorgeous attic flat which belongs to Stylist and Designer Cheri Messerli and Creative Director David Rager. Enjoy!

Isabel Marant workspace

I’m into work spaces at the moment (like this one) and preferably inspiring workspaces…Having new people in our team, makes me want to change, move things around and create a great working environment for them. We all love how this mood board runs across the whole wall and since we have a beautiful, white brick wall staring at us in the office, we’ve decided that each time we come across great work spaces, we will add them to our Pinterest board here. I’m a huge fan of Isabel Marant (her style goes nicely with Clare Vivier‘s bags) and I would love to have a few these industrial clothes rails packed with Isabel Marant pieces. What do you think?

Living the high life….

Sooo…you know….a couple of weeks ago….I was invited to celebrate My Deco‘s 3rd year anniversary at Sir Terence Conran‘s pad…pretty cool huh!? It was quite magical to wander around the home of this iconic design legend, founder of Habitat and then The Conran shop, see his numerous boxes of cigars, a poster signed by all his students, his study…His flat was amazing. I had seen a few photos in some interior magazines before but hanging out there for real was quite an experience. I personally loved how the flow of the upstairs space and his two front and back terraces….oui Madame…two terraces and if he needs anyone to house-sit this Summer anytime, I’m available…And a big thank you to Francois for these great shots. (C) Francois Kong Bon alors…il y a deux semaines….j’etais invite a l’anniversaire de My Deco (3 ans deja!) dans le loft de Terence Conran…cool n’est ce pas!? C’etait assez magique de me balader dans le loft de ce geant iconique du design, de voir ses nombreuses boites a cigares, un poster …

My home in London {the lounge}

I was planning to post the images of Sir Terence Conran’s pad where I spent a private evening a couple of weeks ago (sooo cool!) but my brother showed me these pictures he took of my home and I’m sorry but home is where my heart is, so Sir Conran’s pad will wait until Monday…Have a wonderful weekend! 1. moodboard 2. Paulistano chair by Brazilian design God Paulo Mendes da Rocha 3. Robin Day sofa from Habitat 4. Sheepskin from Ikea 5. Lima floor standing light 6. Feathers poster 7. My La Trop J’avais prevu de poster les images du loft de Sir Terence Conran ou je suis allee il ya deux semaines a une soiree privee (trop cool!) mais mon frere m’a montre les photos qu’il avait prises de mon salon et je suis desolee mais home is where my heart is, donc le loft de Sir Conran attendra jusqu’a demain… Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend! PS: I’ve created a new facebook account to keep family stuff separated from B&F because le mari …


Me: “Well if none of your friends know Ugly betty, why don’t we do a moustache party or an old men party, I saw this somewhere on a website Mila: “It’s not nice to copy“Me: “Yes you’re right but it could be fun to do”Mila: “Yes but it still no nice to copy”She is right but gee…what does all this stuff come from!?


This is a great example of the type of bathrooms I have in mind for our home in London and France….What do you think? via Gasoline surf