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Our London home in VT Wonen…SO exciting!

My home in VT Wonen Sept. 2013

While I was in France last week, Agata who designed these fabulous kids beds posted a picture of my home featured in VT Wonen on Instagram. I got really excited because I love VT Wonen. I don’t read Dutch but I’m a huge fan of the styling of the magazine and I often pin on my Pinterest and I also knew, they were images I had never seen before so I was really eager to see the whole feature.
Danish Stylist Lykke Foged and Photographer Morten Hotlum came to shoot our home last September and I hadn’t heard from them since then but considering my home has been shot several times, I think they did a great job and managed to create something new and fresh.
I have listed at the end of the post, some of the things featured in the photos but if you have any queries, just leave a comment thanks.

My home in VT Wonen, Sept 2013

My home in VT Wonen, Sept 2013My home in VT Wonen, Sept 2013My home in VT Wonen, Sept 2013

Spread 1: Milk table lamp (on the mantelpiece), Batgirl print (on the wall) and white stool (in front of the sofa). My shoes are from L.K. Bennett

Spread 2: in the corner, B&W paper bag, the pallet table was made by me and I used washi tapes to make my B&W family moodboard

Spread 3: I painted the kitchen units with blackboard paint, chopping boards from here, BAU pendant light behind Mila and pure nature wooden stool

Spread 4: Monkey print, Meow print is no longer available sorry!, Bat print (on the floor), Paulistano chair, stonewashed linen duvet cover and tutu

Spread 5: the wooden rosary is vintage but I’m selling it if anyone is interested. Le chat print & elephant head (on the wall), handmade Pigmée dolls (on the bed) and Rabbit lamp (on the shelf). The gum boots are from Petit Bateau


  1. N’ayant pas encore reçu le nouveau VT Wonen(je dois toujours attendre que ma soeur me l’envoie en France) je suis ravie de voir l’article ici déjà. Pour les ‘followers’ (en occurence nous) c’est un peu pareil, c’est un autre regard et des nouvelles images de ta belle maison Londonienne. Un régal, comme tjrs!

  2. I really like this photo shoot, since your house was future already so many time ;) I agree , that this is something fresh ! The yellow touch and pink, and just all, looks very good. If you don’t read Dutch…I can only tell you, that they said, that the Pigmee dolls on Mila’s bed are design by you and you sell them in your shop ;-) well done. The rest is just a nice story.

  3. Thanks Agata!
    I wish they had contacted me to write the article :-)
    I didn’t design the Pigmee dolls, they are by Florence a French designer…I just fell in love with them and added them to our collection.

  4. Gorgeous home, I’m soooo jealous :) Love the clean details and the fabulous bedroom

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