Clemence Poesy’s sexy hair + black clutch


Clemence Poesy's sexy hair. More on www.karinecandicekong.comI spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest (for work of course!) and once in a while, I see something and think…WOW! And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw Clémence Poesy’s new haircut…She has always been a very attractive girl but her new haircut has made her even more sexier.

This haircut would be perfect for Elodie, my sister (looking great in her white t-shirt & boyfriend jeans)*
The haircut is one thing, the black clutch (which you can’t see because I cut it to focus on Clemence’s hairdo) is another…so here my favourite clutches below:1/ My fav’ EVER is this Marc Jacobs black clutch
2/ This one by Givenchy is very stylish too but frankly for the price, I’ll stick to my Marc Jacobs one
3/ I’m loving this two-tone zip clutch one from Victoria Beckham, beautiful!
4/ This sober, utilitarian black leather zip clutch by Maison Martin Margiela is also a little beauty.
5/ Seriously affordable, is this beautiful stunning half black/half calf clutch from Whistles (if you are in London, you will see our Star light and pendant lights by Kathleen Hills in their store in Chiswick).
6/ and for less than £50, this Mistry clutch from John Lewis and Tessa clutch by French Connection aren’t too bad.+ of course Nars eyeliner & red lipstick.I mentioned in this post that Elodie’s Chanel lipstick was no 9. Wrong, hers is no 14 Rouge Allure, mine is 9 but both are super bright red. Have a fab, stylish, sexy week!



  • Chon

    I’ve just had my hair cut like this and it feels amazing!!! Might put the red lipstick on today!

  • BODIEandFOU concept store

    Oh fab! I’m so pleased for you Chon :-)

  • veronika

    I’ve had my hair cut similar recently and I tell you it’s not easy to make it look messy like this every time:) i go between messy and straightened hair days…well done on quitting wine and sugar! i have bought “I quit sugar” book last week and trying to follow it, but sugar is the hardest for me. I can do without meat, even alcohol:) but sugar…not sure x

  • BODIEandFOU concept store

    I know, I gave up my hair a while ago. The last haircut I got in Paris was pretty good but honestly, I still don’t know how to blow dry it properly so I kind of focus on things that I can more or less control…my clothes, shoes, good skin, make-up…

    Quitting sugar is hard. We havent stopped completely. I replaced my daily gluten-free choco bar by dark chocolate and I try to snack on fruits and nuts but still, I have some major cravings and after 5 days, I’m still quite cranky :-))

  • Sheepskins fairylights

    I have recently had my hair cut like this, but mine is fine & not much of it unlike Clemence, gggrrrr
    Red lipstick? Never been brave enough…..need to try!
    Friday tomorrow, wahey! Xx

  • BODIEandFOU concept store

    @Sheepskins fairylights

    Oh you should really try red lipstick! I’ve never been in make-up but in the recent years, I started using red lipstick because I think it really uplifts my face and it always looks nice and polished when someone takes a photo :-)

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  • Kathy

    I love this haircut, Clemence is so gorgeous :) Take care.

  • Joanna

    Gorgeous hair, I wish mine was like this

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