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Steve’s uncle used to have a beautiful Architect house in Hahei (New-Zealand), which had a bathroom with a large bay window overlooking a beautiful private garden and a glass roof which gave you the feeling of showering in the middle of nature.

BODIE and FOU Style Blog, Bathrooms with a View, White Interiors

Since then, I’ve always dreamt of having a bathroom with a view. I think being able to shower under the sky is pretty magical, don’t you think?
However we live in London and the space we had to play in our loft conversion, was far from being as spacious as these inspiring bathrooms.
Yet, with 11 sq meters to play with, we managed to create an en-suite bathroom filled with natural light and large windows to look at the sky, which I will show you when it’s finished.
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Until then, here are 4 of my favourite bathrooms with a view…

BODIE and FOU Style Blog, Bathrooms with a View, White Interiors

The white, minimalist, contemporary bathroom above is by far, my favourite design and space permitting, I would love to have a walk-in shower like this.
However, there are two things to bear in mind: 1) A walk-in shower like this, is more expensive to fit than a traditional shower with a shower tray and tiled floor (saying that, there are now some very large shower trays available which allows you to achieve a simple, contemporary look).
2) If you only have one bathroom, bear in mind that your home will be more valuable when you come to sell it.
We are all shower people in our family and at this stage, we are still working out if we can have both of both worlds: a master bathroom with a walk-in shower + a bath tub.

BODIE and FOU Style Blog, Bathrooms with a View, White Interiors

If you are living in the countryside or by the beach, with no neighbours around, imagine how beautiful it would be to have a bath and to be able to look at the colours changing through the seasons…priceless!
BODIE and FOU Style Blog, Bathrooms with a View, White Interiors

I love the simplicity of this one but I don’t like the toilet being so exposed. Toilets are like electricals, you need them but frankly no-one needs to see them.

BODIE and FOU Style Blog, Bathrooms with a View, White Interiors

Last but not least, this little beauty combines an indoor shower with an outdoor shower separated by a pivotal door and has many gorgeous “East meet West” details…the wooden bench to soak up the sun after the shower, the wooden slates where the water evacuates, the black floor tiles…just fab.
So out of these beauties, which one would you love in your home?

// 1.  Pascal François Architects Zomergem | 2. Haus W (Frankfurt) by Ian Shaw Architekten, Photo by Felix Krumbholz | 3. Durat | 4. Unknown

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  1. it remains me our last huge bathroom in Lille… both walk-on-tiles shower and big white tub… just close to 2 windows on the garden… and a roof aperture too… amazing non?
    And now… let’s think about our next bathroom-dressing and shower corridor ;)
    Your choice are gorgeous anyway!

  2. @ Lau de CASALIL I wish I had seen your house in Lille before you moved down south. It looked stunning but I love what you have done with your bathroom in the guest house too :-)

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