5 messy hair buns I love + health stuff


We are off to a wedding in Shepperton this weekend and if anyone has some good tips on how to achieve a cool messy hair bun like this, by all means, send them my way ;-)
On the health/food front, I’m very pleased to say that I’ve achieved my fifth day without…
5 messy hair buns. Read more on www.karinecandicekong.com
..drinking coke zero (which was normally a daily thing) and I’ve replaced it by 2L of water (sometimes more if I need to rehydrate after Bikram). You should try…my skin looks fab without any expensive cream on ;-)

5 messy hair buns. Read more on www.karinecandicekong.com

Food for thoughts…Have a fab weekend!

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    […] messy hair buns like these, which frankly is very practical! What do you think? Talking of which,  I was recently told by my hairdresser that when it comes to hair conditioner, first it was best to use a tiny amount (the size of a coin) and to mostly spread it on the ends…which of course was not what I was doing. I’m still struggling with using just a tiny bit of conditioner on my long hair but I have, nonetheless reduced the quantity, which means that my Shampure conditioner lasts a lot longer. Anyway, Winter has truly arrived and my skin is feeling it so here are a few products I’m currently using to make sure that my skin and hair are staying moisturized. 1/ The fabulous face oil by Aesop changed my life…not only it smells amazing but it re-hydrates my skin in no time and transforms my face from looking really tired to looking good and I’m not kidding. I know this stuff is expensive but you have to use so little that it will last you a long time. 2/ This purifying gel cleanser which I use daily. It is really gentle on my skin and it smells nice. The big thing for me is that my skin doesn’t feel drier after use like it does with other products. For the records, the bottle is too big to be allowed in your hand luggage. I got mine confiscated after using it 3 times, a mistake I’m not going to make twice! (check airlines hand luggage restrictions here), then I apply Nivea daycream (I grew up on Nivea and my mum, who has been using it for years, has very little wrinkles for her age so…..) 3/ This Parsley seed cleansing mask which I use once a week (same…the smell is amazing) 4/ I usually get the largest bottle of Shampure shampoo for everyone in the family to use and this Shampure conditioner but since I’m spending more time in France and I don’t take my Aveda stuff in my hand luggage, last time I got Garnier’s Ultra Doux Masque Nutrition Intense (avocado & karité) from the supermarket and it works wonder. 5/ water, yoga & healthy food which really should be first because let’s face it….if you don’t eat well, your body won’t get the right nutrients, your skin will look tired and your energy level will go down…   // L’Automne à la plage for Grazia France 15/08/2014 model: mariska van der zee (viva) | photographer: alessandro furchino (2dm) | stylist: donatella musco (jedroot) | hair: stephanie farouze (jedroot) | make-up: mary cesardi (atomo) | […]

  • Bobby

    I’m so loving this! and well done on your health changes

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