Using large plants as pieces of design


Since I spent last weekend in Amsterdam, staring at this beautiful specimen while doing my yoga in the morning, I have been obsessed by getting a big plant or a tall cactus for our home and I’ve created a new Urban jungle Pinterest board to keep track of my current obsession…
Pistache, Amsterdam, industrial, cactus, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
I love plants…I can’t say I have “green fingers” but depending how strong the plant is, I can just manage to not kill it.
When Lucas was younger, being the gorgeous but boisterous dog he is, it was pointless to have large plant pots indoors as he would only use them to hide his bones and put earth everywhere.

So instead, we got a gorgeous jasmine just outside the glass kitchen door in our garden or a beautiful green bush that stands out beautifully against our newly wall painted black and I always have a few pots of basil in our kitchen to cook.

Here are few interiors with plants that I find very inspiring and which hopefully, will inspire you too…Plants, green, Spring, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
Plants, green, Spring, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
Gorgeous catcus in a basket, Plants, green,natural basket from BODIE and FOU ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
Cacti, Plants, green, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
Pistache, Amsterdam, industrial, cactus, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
Plant, bathroom, Vipp showroom, You Are Loved print from BODIE and FOU, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle
Plant, cactus in a kitchen, Love, Life & Family print from BODIE and FOU, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers, urban jungle

Beautiful cactus print by Polly Rowan, illustration, urban jungle, ‪#‎urbanjunglebloggers,
Unfortunately I can’t tell you the names of these beautiful plants but if you care to share your knowledge and leave a comment, I will gladly add them to this post with a thank you/love link. What’s your favourite indoors plant? 

// 1. Pistache | 2. Butterland | 3. Unknown | 4. Bengtgarden (natural basket from here) | 5. via first home | 6 Pistache | 7.  Photo from the BODIE and FOU styling competition in the Vipp flagship store, Copenhagen | 8. Per Olav Solvberg and our Love, Life & Family print | 9. Cactus print by Polly Rowan, styled by  me


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