5 healthy habits you should pick up right now



The end of the year is often stressful and tiring for everyone. Autumn comes quite mild and pleasant, we know Winter is luring but we don’t really want to think about it and suddenly bam! In the middle of nowhere it’s December and we have to find the perfect gifts for everyone within budget, organise shipping if we have family overseas, pay for flight tickets that cost three times the normal cost and drink/eat more than usual and all our good, healthy habits go through the window. So this year, let’s take 5 minutes to focus on 5 healthy habits to pick up right now…not in 2015…no right now

– Stop drinking coke, diet coke or any soft drinks you are addicted to (yes if you need one a day to go through the day, that’s an addiction). There is nothing worse for your health and well-being than drinking soft drinks. These drinks are designed to make you craving for more refined sugars. Forget about willpower, emotional eating, if you want to get out of this uncontrollable spiral that keeps dragging you back to junk, unhealthy food, you need to kick off the roots of the matter and stop drinking soft drinks. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend you watch the documentary Hungry for change. Steve and my brother have been telling me for years how bad Aspartame was but the penny finally dropped when I watch this documentary and I hope it will for you too.

– Start drinking water. Keep a bottle on your desk and take a sip regularly. You want a coke? Drink water You’re hungry? Drink water and if you’re  really starving, eat something (preferably a fruit) but try to drink first. Sometimes often our mind tricks us into thinking we are hungry, when in fact we are stressed out, busy and just need something (a HUG!!)…a coke drink water! :-)

– Keep making little healthy changes. If you drink tea, replace it by green tea which is high in antioxidants and nutrients. If you take the bus to work, start walking. If you feel sluggish in the afternoon, snack on nuts. If you love chocolate, start eating 70% or 80% dark chocolate which has also a lot of antioxidants. You don’t have to become the Queen of healthy living right now (Rome wasn’t built in one day) but every little step you make will lead you to the big picture…a healthier and happier you and give yourself a break! You fell of the wagon, it doesn’t matter. Just get back on it, start again…from scratch and re-form these good habits that made you feel good.

– Do some exercise. Find what works for you but do something that will make you feel good.  I did yoga regularly until I went to Amsterdam and then on my return, I fell off the wagon. I don’t know why, maybe it was the Winter arriving, change of clock but I stopped and I couldn’t get the groove back until a few days ago where someone on Facebook said: “What about committing to go back to yoga between now and 31st..”and that was it for me. So I’m back on the horse and I hope something here will do the trick for you too.

– Make green smoothies part of your lifestyle. Buy yourself a Nutribullet and start making green smoothies. (see my 10 must-have gift for health conscious people). The first ones I made were not so great to say the least but now I’m on a roll and I will share my favourite recipe over the weekend (not a disgusting one ;-)


– Laugh more and surround yourself with people who will make you laugh. Let go of negative people, people that sucks your energy, drags you down and surround yourself with positive-thinking people. Life is too short guys!

// Photography: Brydie Mack | Model: Louise de Chevigny at Priscillas | Make-up: Isabelle Schimid


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