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10 great things to do in Cap-Breton

10 inspiring things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on

10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on www.karinecandicekong.comWe had the best of times recently holidaying in Cap-Breton (I really love the vibes in Hossegor & Cap-Breton). We did lots of sports, the girls had a ball skating, we ate healthily, slept well, caught up with friends and in the end, everyone had an amazing holidays and we all trimmed down. Less than 2 hours away from our holidays home, it’s an area we know well. We had planned a trip to San-Sebastian or Biarritz if the weather was bad but it turned out absolutely gorgeous for two weeks so no sightseeing for us but we did a lot of sports and a bit of shopping.
If you are looking at visiting the area in the future, here are 10 of my favourite things to do in Cap-Breton & Hossegor.

Take a 5 days surfing course
Steve, Mila and I had surfed before in Devon and Biscarosse but it was a new thing for Elodie and Lily and they both loved it. We did our course at the Cactus Surf School in Cap-Breton and I can’t recommend them enough, especially Clement who runs the school. Off surf season, Clement works with children with disabilities and he is very patient and fun with the kids.10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on

Cap-Breton skatepark is truly fantastic and we went there pretty much every day (1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ). We were lucky to meet Andrea, our friends’ 10 years old who not only taught the girls lots of new tricks but was the kindest boy. I don’t think I ever felt so smitten with a kid but I feel Andrea is a very special human being and I hope he will remain in Mila’s life for years to come. On the down side, Mila was told by a 5 years old to move because she wasn’t good enough…not quite the same spirit :-)10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on

Doing bikram yoga & Pilates
During the first week, Elodie and I carried on Kayla Itsines’ fitness program and surfing so needless to say that by the end of the day we were totally wiped out but we managed a class at the Hossegor Bikram yoga the second week. It’s a small but lovely studio. There is also a Pilates studio in Cap-Breton.

Eating oysters & tapas
As part of our LISS (low intensity steady state), we walked a lot…like 40min to Hossegor to eat oysters and tapas and have a glass of Tariquet au marché des halles, 2 min walk from the main shops. Followed by an ice-cream or milkshake from Bobo’s (milkshake turned out to be not so good for my tummy but that’s another story).10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on

Catching up with friends at l’Etiquette
One of our favourite hangouts was L’Etiquette, a wine bar around the corner of Autour du Monde and this fabulous wall mural by Artist Stephen Burke. Another cool place to hang out is Le Café de la Gare famous for its happy hour on Friday.

Shopping at the surfing outlet and the Braderie
If you want to grab some Ripcurl, Quicksilver, Roxy gear, go here and grab some delicious nachos or tacos at the food truck opposite the Ripcurl Factory outlet. The Braderie in Hossegor is on 21, 22 & 23 August, well-worth going if you are in the area. We snapped a few foutas at 10 euros each, these Isabel Marant heels and this beautiful swimsuit at 15 euros.

Eating healthily
We drank a few glasses of wine in the evening (more when catching up with friends) and had ice-creams every other day but for most days, our meals were super healthy which I’m convinced, contributed to the overall well-being of everyone. If you missed this post, check out 10 healthy habits to nurture on holidays or at weekends if you’re back at work.

Watching the surfers at the end of the day
The colour of the sea in Cap-Breton is beautiful and each evening, there were at least 20 to 30 really good surfers braving 3m high waves. It was fascinating!10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on www.karinecandicekong.com10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on www.karinecandicekong.comAs the best way to beat the holidays blues is to plan the next one, our holidays home in France will be available from 17th October to 31st October so if you fancy visiting the Bay of Arcachon, drop me an email (link to the airbnb listing here and here).