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Gorgeous workspace taking wall display to the next level! Read on

Gorgeous workspace taking wall display to the next level! Read on www.karinecandicekong.comHello everyone, how are you today and how beautiful is this work space?
I’m totally in awe with this monochrome gallery wall, the Scandinavian look and the typography of the logo below but first I really would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking on board what I wrote here and here about leaving comments. It really touched me and every comment I receive, really warms up my heart and encourages me to keep blogging so TODAY I LOVE…is for you guys!

I wasn’t planning to write anything today as it’s a half day at school for Mila and this school year, I’ve decided to take Wednesday off to be there for her but it’s early morning and I thought I could squeeze this gorgeous workspace, which takes wall display to the next level.

Isn’t this gorgeous!?Loving the typeface of the Trendenser logo and how gorgeous this space looks. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comThis is the studio of the talented Frida Ramstedt where Nina and Susanna (check her site here) were shooting a Christmas campaign and given they all have a knack for producing beautiful styling, I’m very much looking forward to see the result but in the meantime, let’s admire this gorgeous work space.

As you can see from this Pinterest board, I love typography and I’m a big fan of Frida’s Trendenser logo which looks pretty cool cut out there on the wall, don’t you think? Mostly, I’m in awe with Frida’s art display.

What do you think? Do you like this space? 

PS: If you haven’t done it yet, could you please answer this reader survey for me so I can fine tune the content and editorial of the blog and come up with topics that you want to read and enjoy.


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog, your styling, And your family! I live in Australia and have been inspired by your blog to edit and re-do much of our home. I’m not young and have two grown children who are creating homes and families of their own.
    Your blog has inspired me to get rid of things I dont love any more and create space for the things that I do! I have even overhauled my wardrobe! I love simple things, black and white and natural textures.
    Many thanks for your inspiring blog.cheers, Kath

  2. Lorraine Nugent says

    Hi there

    love the black and white interior, never seem to tire of it….real style, yet calming and edgy.
    Just wanted to also say, I love checking into your blog. It’s a bit of me time, when I can just be still, enjoy and be inspired. Thank you. Have a fab day.

  3. Thanks for your lovely feedback Lorraine it really means a lot.

    Lately I have been feeling a bit disheartened. A long post like a house tour is easily 3 hours work and if I make one from scratch with my own photos, one can easily add 2 hours to that so when everybody was interacted on Instagram, I felt like I writing into a big black hole but everyone has been fantastic and very responsive so I will carry on. Have a great day

  4. Lorraine Nugent says

    I follow a handful of really great blogs. All very different, but enjoy and get inspired by them all. I really admire all you bloggers, and would miss my daily rest bite of checking in and reading. I also follow on Instagram, but it’s not the same. You would be missed! Have a great dayx

  5. Thanks Lorraine. I love Instagram too but the space if a bit limited whereas on the blog we can really have fun around some creative topics and interiors and I think it’s a lot easier to find an old post on the blog than a photo out of the 5000 I’ve already posted on IG :-)

    Have a great day too

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