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Storage solutions from String furniture

storage solutions from String Furniture

storage solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving systemI’m currently working on a series of storage solutions and I’m kicking off today with the String Furniture series (currently in sale here). The new collection has been styled, once again very beautifully, by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Marcus Lawett.  Gosh I love her styling don’t you!?

Read on….
I think we all dream of finding the perfect storage solutions to keep clutter at bay in our homes so if you’re ready to invest in a good modulable shelving systems, here are 4 things to bear in mind when purchasing these storage solutions:

  • Think ahead. The idea of modulable shelving system is that you can start small with a shelving unit like this one, great for a small kitchen or bathroom, and add on modules later on if needed so think ahead and try to forecast what storage you will need from your shelving system a few years down the line.
  • Choose carefully the colour and finish you think you can live with years to come. While the green string pocket shelf or the pink one look fab for a kids bedroom, where will you use it once the kids have grown out of it? If pink is not a colour you foresee in your home in the future, then maybe go for a cheaper option for the kids bedroom and keep modulable shelving systems for rooms like the lounge, your bedroom or home office.
  • Think about what you want to store: books, CDs, decorative knick-knacks, magazines, folders, kitchen accessories. Some modules come with drawers or sliding doors. The String workdesk combines both desk and shelves for instance and can work in a teens room or as home office.
  • In which room do you want to use it for now and where it might go in the future? Whether it is for your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, the size and finish you’ll require may greatly vary.

storage solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving systemString Furniture is a Swedish company and like a lot of Scandinavian brands (Vipp, & Tradition to name a few of my favourites), it has a great legacy. Having designing shelving systems since 1949,  String Furniture shelving system has become one of the twentieth century’s foremost design icons.

Well-designed, functional and stylish, the String Modular Shelving system comprises a wide range of components or modules enabling you to build your own, unique wall shelving or wall storage system. The great thing is that your storage solutions can evolve with your through the various stage of your life, change and develop depending on your solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving systemstorage solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving systemstorage solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving systemstorage solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving system

Did you like this article or the styling? If you could let me know in the comments what kind of storage solutions you would love to see on the blog, that would be fab!



  1. Thanks for sharing such an amazing thing! I love all you blogs. Perfect interiors. As Living in a too modern city in the world, this styling is chancing and freshing our mind:)

  2. Amazing design! I am still amazed by the photographs! Great images! I agree that shelving can solve the problem with finding storage for all the small things. Thank you for the ideas!

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