Giveaway: Music on the road + a mixtape


MYLOVESONG1Music is a big part of our family life and one thing that I use a lot to uplift our mood if Mila and I feel a bit under the weather, which is not often but it happens. Recently I played Taylor Swift’s Shake it off very loudly to get her not to care about what some of her friends were saying at school. We watched Taylor’s brilliant video clip, danced, shook it off, sang along and it worked wonder!

So this month, I”m really excited to have teamed up with VQ for you TO WIN Emma Bridgewater Retro Mini digital radio called Pink Hearts for Valentine’s Day.
The VQ radio is a cute little number which Mila has already “borrowed’ from me. It’s a DAB+ & FM radio with bluetooth connection which means that we can access a full range of digital and analogue radios across the UK and Europe (great for our next trip to Portugal) but we can also play our own music library from my iPhone or Steve’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

We took our vintage Mehari (my new car!) for a ride by the beach listening to the radio which was handy because there isn’t a radio or CD player in that car of mine and tried to take some photos but it was incredibly windy!
Giveaway: Music on the road + a mixtapeGiveaway: Music on the road + a mixtapeThe Lac of Cazaux was obviously the place to be for kitesurfing!
Between my hair all over the place and Steve pulling faces behind my back, it wasn’t exactly our most successful photoshoot but it was fun!Giveaway- Music on the road + a mixtapeAnd then we went back home with Mila climbing in the car with her own style :-)Giveaway- Music on the road + a mixtape

Win a VQ Emma Bridgewater digital radio

I’ve also put together a compilation of my favourite love songs which you can listen to on Spotify:

1. All of Me by John Legend Isn’t just one the most beautiful songs ever!?
2. Love the way you lie ft Rihanna by Eminem. Steve and I saw Eminem in Milton Keynes years ago when I was working at  Universal Musical International and it was an amazing concert. I really Eminem and I think his music is always very beautiful. 
3. Without You ft Usher by David Guetta because most of his tracks make me jump, dance and feel alive….
4. Just Give me a reason – Pink
5. Heartbeat song by Kelly Clarkson because love can hurt sometimes but it’s so worth it
6. Thinking out Aloud by Ed Sheeran If anyone was singing this to me, I would die on the spot. I think it’s an incredible beautiful song.
7. Clocks by Coldplay It’s a nostalgic song but at the end of the day, it says “make the best of it when we’re here, present and alive”
8. Take me to Church by Hozier. A few months ago, Steve sent me a link of this this video of dancer Sergei Polunin filmed by David LaChapelle. I did sixteen years of ballet so I was mesmerised by the choreography and music and watched it several times in a row…Putting this compilation together was a wonderful reminder of how much I love 
9. Grenade by Bruno Mars just beautiful lyrics and music
10. Hurt by Christina Aguilera Her voice is amazing and when I listen to this track loudly, I have goosebumps all over my body
11. Chandelier by Sia It’s not a love song at but Steve and I love it and it’s kind of music we would listen together and we both love Maddie Ziegler, the 11-year-old dancer…very powerful
12. Diamonds by Rihanna


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The hashtag #MyLoveSong is what VQ will track to pick the winner so make sure you both mention @bodieandfou and #MyLoveSong
3. Leave a comment sharing your favourite song
Have fun!


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