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Spring DIY & home renovations projects

Our home in France: New Light

How to tackle home renovations projects in your homeA little glimpse of peace and quiet before we start the renovations in our holidays home in France
It won’t be as major as our last renovations in London but I know from experience that home improvement projects are always dusty and disruptive so while I’m soaking up the peaceful vibes of the house before it all starts, I’m also preparing the rooms for their makeover.

The builders are kicking off next week with the open-plan kitchen and lounge which suffered a water damage. They will first fill in the cracks in the ceiling, sand it and re-paint it while I will take this opportunity to update my wall-mounted shelves with new pictures (maybe from our trip in Portugal).
Since painting always involves sanding (if your Painter doesn’t prep the walls, change trasdeman!), I will take all the linen curtains down, store all the picture frames and move all the furniture out of the room because there is nothing worse and unpleasant than fabrics or paper covered in dust.

At a later stage, I would also like to change the dishwasher for an integrated one, add storage and change the kitchen counter for something hard-wearing. Wood added a nice natural touch to the kitchen at the time but frankly, I’m getting tired of sanding and varnishing it regularly.

We are also going to tackle this bedroom by adding a layer of rubber on the floor and paint it with a paint that looks like polished concrete floor. It’s the first time we will be using this material so I’m not sure yet how it will turn out but hopefully it will look good enough for us to roll it out in the other three bedrooms and the hallway (fingers crossed!).

Finally, we will do the bathroom.

Are you planning any DIY or renovations in your home soon?


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