10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to make


10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to makeI know it may be a bit early for some, to start thinking about Christmas but as you figured it out from my post yesterday, I want to re-focus on things that provide us with a great deal of happiness and peace and I’m talking about doing things that are good for our body and for our soul.

For some of you, me-time will be a warm bath and lounging around in your gorgeous Hush pyjamas (I know who you are :-)
Personally, when I find the time, I find it very calming to make things with the radio or the music on, like baking a gluten-free banana cake for Mila or doing some DIY.
I recently fitted five shelves in our cupboard to maximise storage and while they are not perfect, the fact that I managed to use my dad’s heavy drill and electric jig saw all by myself, work out the wood I needed, cut & drill everything, etc…provided me with a great sense of achievement.

So, there are two things I really would like to make before the end of the year:
1) a beautiful wreath inspired by nature,
2) some scented candles…

I love scented candles. Making some to give to the people I love, has been on my to-do list for a while but I never made the time and I’m hoping to change this but first, let’s look at these gorgeous wreaths we can make…

There is still plenty of time to schedule a walk in the forest or a trip to your local flower shop without getting all stressed out. Maybe you could meet up with some friends at the market next weekend and catch up around a cup of tea at the same time…10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to makeSources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Which one do you prefer?
I’m really loving the ones using Eucalyptus and Olive tree branches, although the former may be easier to source from my local market at that time of the year. If you’re in London, you will find both at the flower market on Columbia Road on Sunday morning and please, have a pizza at Story Deli for me afterwards (I miss that place!)
Both, eucalyptus and Olive tree are a nice change from the traditional pine tree branches, don’t you think?

I also love the idea of adding things to it like the gold bells (above) or some beautiful calligraphy (below). It makes it so pretty and unique!10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to makeSources: 1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 (below)10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to makeWhen you make yours, please tag me on instagram with hashtag #simplethingsforahappylife and I will show you mine very soon.10 beautiful & inspiring Christmas wreaths to makeTitle image: Photography: Lina Östling, Styling: Mari Strenghielm Nord

PS: While searching for these beautiful examples of wreaths, I came across this Tumblr that plays classical music and at first, I found the music incredibly sad but I let it play while writing my blog post and eventually, it felt quite soothing and relaxing…Try it and let me know


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