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Back home…

Beautiful stonewashed linen in the bedroom

Beautiful stonewashed linen in the bedroomI’m back home in the Bay of Arcachon.
We’ve received our new coffee table by Handvärk which is just gorgeous. Steve moved some furniture around and the new setting works out perfectly for my next styling job with Philips SwitchScene bulbs which I need to complete by the end of the week. Last but not least (despite yesterday), I ended the day on a positive note and another photoshoot booked so I’m super happy.

How to Have the Best Sleep of Your lifeShooting people (and cats) makes me happy. I think I had planned a lot of things when I started this new career but not the human factor, not the interaction and the exchange, mostly because when I started shooting for People from The Sea, nobody beside Mathilde and Aude posed for me so I had to capture people’s emotions very quickly.

On commissioned portraits, I now spend a good two hours with the person I’m shooting and I need to make them feel comfortable and at ease so I talk a lot and I make them talk.

Shooting Iris and Christophe last week was great. Not only, did they love the photos I took which is a relief, but they really enjoyed by the whole experience and being able to share with them pictures of themselves they love is an amazing feeling.

How is your week so far?

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