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4 tips to create a serene, natural look at home

January 20, 2015

One look that I love at home is the natural look (you can follow my Pinterest board here), which I find not only calming and soothing but very beautiful and in harmony with what Nature has to offer so here are my four tips to create a serene, natural look in your home…

4 Benefits to Adding More Natural Light to your Home

March 22, 2013

This winter is SOOOO long here in the UK. I’m day-dreaming of the Summer sun on my skin, looking tanned, healthy, happy…anyone else feeling the same? 
I read this article on the BBC the other day that highlighted how being exposed to sunlight daily is good for our health, both mentally and physically. I often think that adding natural light to your home is a key design concept that many people overlook. Light can be the difference between making a room look airy and elegant over one that looks unwelcoming and even dingy. 

In our kitchen, half of the ceiling has been replaced by roof lights and I can’t tell you how much of a positive difference it makes to this room where we spend a lot of time as a family. 
While I wouldn’t even consider having a bedroom or living room that didn’t let in as much sunlight as possible, I find that natural light adds a dimension to the design of your home that cannot be created with artificial lighting alone.

So, as I’m on a “healthier home/healthier mind/healthier body campaign”, here are four reasons why you should think of natural light has been essential to your home & your well-being.

{It makes a room look more spacious}
One of my tricks for making our lounge (above pic) look more spacious, was to strip down the walls from clutter and letting in lots of natural light. I used white on all the walls and added uplifting & soothing colours with accessories like this yellow linen throw or bed linens like in these bedrooms styled with blue I posted last week.

{It keeps us happy}
I think I mentioned this before but I suffer from SAD syndrome and I know I’m not the only one. So for me, it is vital to get sunlight especially through winter to keeping healthy and happy. Even if you’re not a sufferer, almost everyone feels mentally better when exposed to natural light. On top of helping you to feel good and positive, sunlight also contains vitamins (like Vitamin D), which the body needs to remain healthy. 

{It’s good for the environment}
As well as improving your health, a home filled with natural light is also better for the environment. By decreasing your reliance on artificial lighting, you are cutting down on the electricity you need and ultimately the amount of energy your home uses.

{It creates a calming environment}
A home filled with natural light somehow feels calm and relaxing. You know as much as I do that everyday life can be stressful, trying to juggle work, families and social lives – it can sometimes get a bit much. So there is nothing better than having a calming place to return to at the end of the day where you can just chill out.

// Photo 1: Sukka in Amsterdam | photo 2: Our home in London Styling: me, Photography: Francois Kong

How to achieve an effortless, natural look at home

April 27, 2015

How to achieve an effortless, chic, natural look at homeLast Friday, my friend Mandy and I had a good laugh because our respective businesses (hers is Hush Homewear and for those who don’t know this, mine is BODIE and FOU) were built on the back of great style, French chic, Australian laid-back style and relaxed vibes and our girls, being pre-teens, have sometimes, gone on the opposite side of spectrum with pink leggings and mismatched outfits.
When she went to France for the school year, I let Mila decorate her bedroom in our home there but a snapshot of her bedroom with mismatched cushions, colours & patterns on her Instagram, freaked me out (don’t look for it, I have deleted the photo hahaha).
The good news is that we are finally turning a corner and since she saw her cousin’s bedroom in Paris (which is almost a BODIE and FOU showroom), she has decided she wants the same look and hallelulia to that! So if you have kids who loves spreading Lego or a boisterous dog with long hair like ours, breathe… there is a light at the end of the tunnel and here are a few pointers: 


House in France | Renovations

June 15, 2015

French house renovations. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comWe are currently renovating and re-decorating this home in France (also listed on airbnb here) and have only two weeks left to complete the project. The house is 72sqm, fits 6/7 people and has a lovely 165sqm private garden (great for alfresco dining). READ MORE...