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3 affordable, visually inspiring storage solutions

January 30, 2012

3 inspiring & affordable storage solutionsI share my life with a New-Zealander who loves leaving his clothes anywhere on the floor (and that includes our bedroom AND the bathroom!), a gorgeous child who loves having as many colourful toys to clash with my love for white interiors as possible, a dog and a bunny so like most family homes, our home can/will look messy very quickly.

Granted, we are very lucky to have a spacious family home which looks quite minimalist since the house renovations but it doesn’t happen magically. I actually regularly go through our things on a weekly and monthly basis to keep clutter at bay and our home tidy and while I’m all for honest posts and real-life stories, this is obviously not what I post on my Instagram because I never found it inspiring to live in a mess or to look at a messy room.
It actually stresses out the hell out of me :-) and I think I share enough personal stuff on the blog or Instagram without adding to your misery, the dreadful vision of our family mess but hey…we do have it too! READ MORE...

Storage solutions from String furniture

January 18, 2016

storage solutions, String Furniture, shelvings, modulable shelving systemI’m currently working on a series of storage solutions and I’m kicking off today with the String Furniture series (currently in sale here). The new collection has been styled, once again very beautifully, by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Marcus Lawett.  Gosh I love her styling don’t you!?

Read on….

15 Helpful, practical tips to declutter your home

March 7, 2016

De-clutter and store smart for a lighter, brighter homeDecluttering at home is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of emotions attached to the things we keep and it can feel like a little part of us is dying each time we throw something away.
Years ago, I burst into tears like someone had died after my boyfriend broke my favourite teapot…Does this sound familiar?

That being said, having a de-clutter at home, and finding clever storage solutions to minimise stuff around the house, makes a home feel instantly cleaner, brighter and bigger.

Here is a sneak peek into my own home, which is clutter free (most of the time!), and some ideas to help you de-clutter and store smartly.



March 16, 2015

Bathroom in loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of READ ON >>

When we started our major renovations in our London home, the first big project we tackled was the loft conversion to create a double-bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Once this new room was finished, we pretty much moved in and camped there for about 7 months while the builders were working their way down through the second floor to create a new room where the terrace was, then the first floor where we raised the floorboards and finally to the ground floor where we replaced the tiles and floorboards by a resin floor and fitted a new kitchen. You can see more photos on Instagram under #bodieandfourenovations.