DETAILS | White outdoor staircase

May 26, 2016

DETAILS | White outdoor staircaseI’m starting a new Thursday feature called DETAILS dedicated to Interior Details.

I don’t know about you but quite often, when I spend time on Pinterest, it’s very much one specific detail in an image that inspires me and leads me to click and discover a pretty cool home, a new Architecture Studio or a Designer.

This gorgeous patio painted in pink did exactly that last year.

So today, my first share is this white outdoor staircase which is part of a house in Hammamet, Tunisia renovated by SEPTEMBRE, a collective of French Architects from different backgrounds with complementary skills in architecture, urban planning, urban programming and interior design.

This alone makes me want to go to Tunisia…

// Photography: Sophia Baraket

Beautiful, architectural home with black cladding

January 20, 2016

HOUSE TOUR: A beautiful, architectural house with black claddingHaving fitted cladding to the back of our home in London (one more photo too), painted the front of the house and Steve’s home office/tree house in black, the Ridge Road residence with its beautiful black cladding and its Butterfly chairs with my name on it, really stroke a chord with me.

Check it out and tell me what you think..

The Ochre Barn in Norfolk

November 25, 2014

Do you prefer living in the city or out in the countryside or by the sea? House Tour: The Ochre Barn in NorfolkI grew up in the countryside (tiny tiny village) and since I left home, I’ve always been a city girl at heart. However, having recently spent more time working in France from our beach house and having gone for a few morning walks by the beach, I started thinking what if… They are still things that drive me crazy like taking the car to run any errands whereas in London, I just walk or cycle + shops are open all the time but I guess there are upsides and downsides on each account.


Would you paint your housefront in dark colour?

September 24, 2014

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about buying a piece of dark clothing.
Personally I love wearing black during the winter. My new Winter coat IS black and I’ve just treated myself with this B&W jumper but would you paint your whole housefront in black?

We did…

BODIE and FOU Style blog black houses, black housefronts, black buildings, architecture, farrow & Ball

and I can’t tell you how happy I am we took the jump.

I think it’s an easy call to paint a modern building standing in the middle of nowhere in dark colours or in the middle of nature (we did it for our tree house in France) – a black cube will always stand out and looks beautifully striking.
Painting a traditional British Victorian house was a little bit more challenging. First, there aren’t many residential homes painted totally in dark colours so it was hard to see an example of what it could look like. Second, we were very keen to modernise our home while respecting the character and period features of the building.

BODIE and FOU Style blog black houses, black housefronts, black buildings, architecture, farrow & Ball

BODIE and FOU Style blog black houses, black housefronts, black buildings, architecture, farrow & Ball
BODIE and FOU Style blog black houses, black housefronts, black buildings, architecture, farrow & Ball
In the end, we painted everything in Railings by Farrow & Ball except the inside of the windows and the wooden frames that we kept white to achieve a clean, modern look and it looks amazing (see this photo I shared last month before we painted the inside of the windows). 
Now you will ask…what about the door?!
Still negotiating on this…
A few years back, we agreed as a family that since I was doing the whole house in white and Steve’s territory was the garden, Mila could choose the colour of our door…of course she went for the most bubble pink she could find!! Hahaha
I have to admit, it has been pretty cool to come home to a bright, pink door. I remember once, seeing a little girl walking down the street with her dad and stopping right in her tracks when she saw our door, saying she wanted the same door.
I tried to convince Mila that my initial inspiration here, would be a much better choice but she is not having it and still arguing her point so I think we will end up using Nancy’s Blushes.
To follow…
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1. The Black rubber house, Dungerness | 2. Ridge Road Residence | 3. Via Homeadore | 4. Scandinaviandeko (AA Butterfly chair from here)

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