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BODIE and FOU VIPP Blogger Styling competition: PLEASE VOTE

May 22, 2014

As you know from my Instagram feed, as part of our pop-up store at the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen, we had a blogger styling competition and it was a really fun event! With its polished concrete tiles, white and dark grey walls, beautiful kitchen and bathroom equipment and natural light flowing, the Vipp store was the perfect venue.
12 International talented bloggers, 4 teams, 4 stations to style: 2 kitchens, 1 dining table, 1 bathroom, 30 min to style each station. They could use anything in the shop (and they did!).
Now the winning team is the team gathering the most likes on their InstagramTwitter, Pinterest, Facebook and blogs and they need your help!
Below is a sneak-peek of what all the teams have done. I’ve linked their Instagram feed to their first name so go on, discover all their very inspiring feeds and vote for as many photos from the styling competition as you wish. You can view all the images from the Blogger Styling competition on Instagram hashtag #bodieandfouvipp and I’ve linked everyone’s Instagram to their first name.

Team 1: Rikke from That Nordic Feeling and Malene from Boligcious

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

Team 2: Gudy from Eclectic TrendsZsuzsi from PanyizsuzsiHege from Hege in France

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

Team 3: Alan from Bungalow5 and Mette, Camilla and Tatiana from Homesick
BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition
Team 4: Mia from Design PillGitte from Objets and Use Marie-Louise from Miss Design Says

BODIE and FOU VIPP Styling Competition

BODIE and FOU Vipp Styling Competition

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May 18, 2014

The BODIE and FOU pop-up store at Vipp flagship store opened its doors on Saturday and started on a high, with the visit of her H.R.H. Princess Marie of Denmark purchasing our Limited Edition BODIE and FOU Vipp15 bin
It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

Yes I did ask her if I could take a photo of her with our bin (if you don’t ask, you don’t get) and she very nicely declined :-)

There is only a couple of bins left in the shop which you can reserve but they will only be available for collection from the Vipp flagship store at the end of the pop-up store and Vipp has now starting a waiting list! You can can also pre-order it online here.
I’m really excited by Monday…
We have an official press launch and a styling blogger competition like the one I attended at Vipp last December which is going to be really good fun. This time, teams of bloggers will need to style a kitchen, bathroom and table using products from Vipp, BODIE and FOU and from local designers. Make sure you use hashtag #bodieandfouvipp to connect with us.
And if you are in Copenhagen on Tuesday, make sure you register to the very inspiring mood board workshop run by Design Pill from 1 to pm.
Mia Crespo will show you how to organise images and the emotions connected to them in a visual and creative (please bring a few of your favourite interior magazines to cut them). To book, please email [email protected]
Last but not least, I also would like to thank all the amazing posts we had so far from the most inspiring blogs including:
I hope I haven’t missed anyone but if I have, by all means let me know so I can tag you via social media.

Today is another beautiful day…My mum and sister Elodie arrived yesterday so we are going to for an hour power walk on the beach, rent some bikes to go around Copenhagen and have diner at the fab Höst.
Have a great Sunday

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May 13, 2014

Next week, we are moving BODIE and FOU to Copenhagen!
For a week, we will be running a pop-up store at the beautiful Vipp flagship store to launch our Debut print Collection and we have a few surprises for you…


SATURDAY 17TH MAY | 12am – 2.30pm
Theme: “Super Straws – Make your own mobile with MY LITTLE DAY
Suitable for all ages, each workshop will allow your child to have fun and be creative while you are browsing the BODIE and FOU pop-up store.
Max. 6 per workshop. The workshops will be taught in Danish & English

Workshop 1: from 12am to 12.30pm
Workshop 2: from 1pm to 1.30pm
Workshop 3: from 2pm to 2.30pm

To book, please email [email protected]

MONDAY 19TH MAY | 11am – 2pm
Press event + Blogger Styling competition reserved to journalists & bloggers at the VIPP flaship store
Each group is going to style a kitchen, bathroom and table setting. 40 min per styling including photoshoot. Use hashtag #bodieandfouvipp to connect with us.

TUESDAY 20TH | 1pm – 3pm
Theme: “Make your own moodboard with DESIGN PILL
Come and have fun and learn how to make inspiring moodboards and organise images and the emotions connected to them in a visual and creative way with Mia Crespo.
Max. 6 per workshop, please bring a few of your favourite interior magazines to cut them

Workshop 1: available from 1pm to 2pm
Workshop 2: available from 2pm to 3pm

To book, please email [email protected]

WEDNESDAY 21ST & THURSDAY 22ND MAY 2014 | 1pm to 3pm
Interior Design Clinic with BODIE and FOU’s Founder & Creative Director
Book an appointment with Karine to discuss how to decorate a room in your home.
Bring photos of your home and email us topics you would like to discuss beforehand
To book, please email [email protected]

SATURDAY 24TH MAY 2014 Last day of our pop-up store
The shop will be closing at 4pm so make sure you come and see us before we head back to London!!

SPONSORS: Last but not least, we would like to thank you all our sponsors including Bolig magazineBrume, MRC Prints, Kid & Coe and of course the fabulous team at Vipp.

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The art of letting go…

May 6, 2014

I wish I had more time to post longer posts but we are crazy busy, getting ready for the BODIE pop-up store at the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen and finalising our Debut print collection.

So rather than getting completely stressed out, I’ve decided to ‘let go’ and do little updates until time is on my side.

One thing I really enjoyed reading last weekend and which I think you will enjoy too, was “How Mastering the Art of Letting Go will Change your life” by Leo Babauta.
Babauta says that we keep things (clutter) in our home for various reasons…they make us feel secure and safe, they give us comfort, memories and hopes for the future and I can see that.
Most of the things in my home are there for a reason and I suspect in yours too…and often there is an emotion/souvenir attached to it.
I wrote here how I was starting to let go of the idea of becoming a mother again but this weekend I found myself, storing a pregnancy book aside while putting all my decoration magazines & novels in bags for the charity shop…and I can see now how much emotion and hope are attached to this book so it is going too.
At the end of the day, it is just clutter. I don’t need a book that I’m not going to open for a while and if I ever become pregnant again, I will probably download the bloody thing.
So if you’re in the same frame of mind than me at the moment, have a look around and think about all the emotions attached to the things you keep, it’s quite interesting and let me know what you managed to clear out :-)

// Cluster Light | Home is Where My Family Is print | Clare Vivier mini sac

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