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10 great things to do in Cap-Breton

September 1, 2015

10 great things to do in Cap-Breton (France). Read on www.karinecandicekong.comWe had the best of times recently holidaying in Cap-Breton (I really love the vibes in Hossegor & Cap-Breton). We did lots of sports, the girls had a ball skating, we ate healthily, slept well, caught up with friends and in the end, everyone had an amazing holidays and we all trimmed down. Less than 2 hours away from our holidays home, it’s an area we know well. We had planned a trip to San-Sebastian or Biarritz if the weather was bad but it turned out absolutely gorgeous for two weeks so no sightseeing for us but we did a lot of sports and a bit of shopping.
If you are looking at visiting the area in the future, here are 10 of my favourite things to do in Cap-Breton & Hossegor. READ MORE...

Holiday rentals in the Bay of Arcachon

May 18, 2015

Adorable holiday rentals in The Bay of Arcachon, France. Home from on

We always spent our holidays in France in this home which is now fully booked the whole Summer except the week from 22nd August but we also have this pretty house for 6 people near the Bay of Arcachon where I stayed for three months after giving birth to Mila. READ MORE...

Tea party in our tree house

April 10, 2015

Tea party in our tree house | Our holiday home in France www.karinecandicekong.comThese are behind-the-scene shots I took when Côté Ouest magazine came to shoot our home last June, which I never shared with you. We moved a lot of things around in the house for the sake of the photoshoot to create new images but I’m especially fond of these photos in our tree house which was built by Steve and was a really work of love. Sadly Mila no longer fit in this fabulous denim jumpsuit which we got from Gap but you can probably find similar ones on Elias and Grace or Smallable. I’ll sell some of Mila’s clothes on Instagram soon.

Something old, something French

March 16, 2014

I sourced this gorgeous, vintage French chandelier in the South West of France when I was renovating my first owned flat in Stoke Newington…As we are now about to embark on massive renovations, I need to clear our house so this gorgeous piece is now up for sale….

As far as I can remember, even as a student in Bordeaux, I used to paint all my walls in white and mix contemporary pieces from IKEA (back then that’s all I could afford) and vintage pieces.
When I moved in, everything was bright blue and magnolia so I painted everything in white, sanding the floorboards to bring them back to their natural colour, used an old wooden door found in the street as a large coffee table and purchased my first designer sofa: the Robin Day sofa re-issued by Habitat (will be selling this one too soon).

I didn’t re-wire this chandelier when I used it in my flat but for peace of mind, you may want to.
A few glass pieces are missing but this is a real vintage piece, not a reproduction

Price: £50 + P&P. Leave a comment if you are interested or if you just like it :-)

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UPDATE: This chandelier is now sold and off to a nice home ❤️

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