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8 pretty hairstyles for the Summer

July 6, 2016

8 pretty & practical hairstyles I love for the SummerDuring Summer time, I like to go for hairstyles that are fairly low-maintenance, like the beach wave or something shorter easy to style.
When the sun is out, we should be outside enjoying the nice weather while it lasts instead of being stuck in the bathroom, right!?

Right now, my hair is far too long so most of the time, it ends up tied up in a messy bun when I work on my laptop, in a ponytail when I go surfing and down when I go out so it would be nice to get something a bit shorter and fresher for the holidays. Here are 8 haircuts that caught my eye for this Summer and which may work for you too.


New haircut, new headshot

April 1, 2015

Karine Candice Köng Founder of BODIE and FOU, Creative Director, Stylist & BloggerI’m off to France tomorrow morning to spend a long weekend with my favourite people so I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Easter Bank holiday weekend. If you’re in the mood for shopping, this weekend you can get an exclusive 20% OFF eight iconic pieces of furniture from Normann Copenhagen (here, here and here), House Doctor (and here), Bloomingville and Objekto. Have a great one!

Most loved

How to rock sexy, wavy mid-length hairstyles

March 24, 2015

How to rock sexy, wavy mid-length hairstylesI’m off to Paris on Friday and I’ve booked an appointment with my sister‘s hairstylist who made me look like a Goddess last time she cut my hair.

When I kicked off my journey at the start of the year to become a 40* something leaner, fitter, sexier version of myself, I also promised myself that I would 1) cut my hair shorter, 2) make the time to master blow-dry like I’m coming out of the hairdresser…you know when it’s super bouncy, silky and glamorous and 3) doing make-up like Lisa Eldridge.

Since I’m turning 46 on Monday, I thought there is no time for new beginnings than now so here is the look I’m going for:

Hair envy + my fav’ Winter’s skin & hair products

November 16, 2014

While writing this Outfit perfection post on faux-fur last week, I came across Fearne Cotton’s haircut here. I love how fearless she is with her hair…Wearing red lipstick, I thought Fearne’s hairdo looked very sexy and similar to French actress Clemence Poesy’s haircut.
Since then I have been pondering whether I should just go for the chop, go back to having a fringe or do both…
They only thing that stops me is no longer be able to do…
short hair, red lipsticks & fav' Winter hair & skin products. More on