House tours

A cosy white flat with an amazing kitchen

November 7, 2016

An industrial flat in Barcelona with an amazing kitchenThis white apartment in Barcelona, is quite different from this small but so nicely styled 20sqm2 flat or this white flat I showed you a few weeks ago but it has a lot of inspiration to offer…

Starting with the kitchen which was the room that first caught my eye.
The kitchen manages to combine several styles I like at once: Scandinavian, industrial, contemporary and vintage with a bit of urban jungle and yet everything is beautifully done with a great aesthetic and strong personality.


A 20 sqm2 flat with a beautiful gallery wall

September 28, 2016

A 20 sqm2 flat with a beautiful gallery wallHi guys, did you see the last house tour in Sweden?

Today’s flat is also in Sweden but I couldn’t help sharing it with you because I thought it was a perfect example of how to decorate your home with art and create a gallery wall.

The other thing that I love about this flat is that it is only 20 sqm2!

So it’s a small space, yet everything is beautifully styled and there isn’t a single corner I don’t love…proof that size doesn’t matter. READ MORE...

A beautiful white apartment with natural accents

September 15, 2016

How to get the look: A beautiful white apartment with natural accentsHello everyone! If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that white interiors is my first love so today, I’m taking inspiration from this beautiful white apartment with lovely natural accents.

I love how lived-in and cosy it feels. It’s not a big place but it is a beautiful space don’t you think?


A renovated blacksmith studio in Greece

July 21, 2016

A stunning bedroom/workspace in a renovated old blacksmith workshopI have a thing for high ceilings, don’t you?
I also very much love plywood or any architectural buildings and dwellings made out of wood for that matter and if you haven’t seen my recent post, check this beautiful minimalist kitchen.

This gorgeous space above, is an old blacksmith studio built in 1930 renovated by Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen, Louis Becker and Jens Thomas Arnfred, three Danish Architects who happen to be friends too.
Eight years ago, they decided to buy this old blacksmith’s warehouse on the Greek island of Lesbos so they could all go on holidays together with their respective families, isn’t this wonderful!? READ MORE...