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A cosy white flat with an amazing kitchen

November 7, 2016

An industrial flat in Barcelona with an amazing kitchenThis white apartment in Barcelona, is quite different from this small but so nicely styled 20sqm2 flat or this white flat I showed you a few weeks ago but it has a lot of inspiration to offer…

Starting with the kitchen which was the room that first caught my eye.
The kitchen manages to combine several styles I like at once: Scandinavian, industrial, contemporary and vintage with a bit of urban jungle and yet everything is beautifully done with a great aesthetic and strong personality.


House in France | Renovations

June 15, 2015

French house renovations. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comWe are currently renovating and re-decorating this home in France (also listed on airbnb here) and have only two weeks left to complete the project. The house is 72sqm, fits 6/7 people and has a lovely 165sqm private garden (great for alfresco dining). READ MORE...

Flatsharing: my fav’ affordable styling tips to create a happy place

September 25, 2014

BODIE and FOU Style blog flat-sharing tips, accomodations, how to style on a budget
When Myrooms asked me to come up with a selection of decoration tips to create a home from home when flat sharing, I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve always been a firm believer that money doesn’t equal style…or taste for that matter and that you actually don’t need a massive budget to make a room looking really nice.

Are you a black floorboards kind of person?

June 10, 2014

I didn’t think I was…
Last Saturday, Steve and I went to buy floorboards for our loft conversion and while I had an all-white scheme in my head for the top room, once in the shop, we ended up buying some large black floorboards similar to the ones featured in the first image of my 5 inspiring white kitchens post. BLACK FLOORBOARDS, INTERIOR DESIGN

Our decision to go for black floorboards this time, was dictated by two crazy things!
Firstly: our deadline… 
We are aiming to complete the top room within two weeks so Mila can have 9 of her friends staying for a sleepover after celebrating her birthday (and these can be delivered within 5 days instead of the usual 4/5 weeks).
Secondly: our common desire to try something different
Which is a first too! Hahaha… I mean, the kiwi and I often want the same things in life but we usually spend a fair amount of time disagreeing about finishes, design, materials, budget, etc. but for some reasons, this time, we have been very much in sync.
I’m not complaining! All I can say…there is hope for all of us ;-)

The bottom line is that we never had black floorboards in any of the places we lived and as we are creating the space from scratch and the room will be filled with natural lights from two Velux and one large glass wall, we both felt it was the perfect opportunity to try something different.
Now that the whole thing has sinked in and I’m used to the idea, I’m very excited and you have to admit that black floorboards in these rooms simply look amazing! BLACK FLOORBOARDS, INTERIOR DESIGN BLACK FLOORBOARDS, INTERIOR DESIGN

I would love to hear from you regarding your experience of black floorboards or if you found yourself once going for something that was the opposite of your usual signature style.

1. Roosendale Residence by Oomen Architects | 2. Bathroom from Boffi | 3. Home of my friend Sandrine Ziegler photographed by Yves Duransoy

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