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This season’s must-have white dresses

May 13, 2015

This season's must-have white dresses. Read on >> www.karinecandicekong.comFollowing the perfect little white summer dress (for us the grown-ups), here is a selection of the most gorgeous white dress for little girls I’ve seen around.

Bobo Choses SS 2015 Collection

January 19, 2015

Bobo Choses SS 2015 collection. For more kids fashion, go to >>

One of my favourite brands to dress Mila is BOBO CHOSES (available at Elias and Grace in the UK and Smallable in France). I’ve watched them growing from a small indie brand in 2008 into a beloved worldwide brand and each season, their collection fills me with joy and inspiration. I would love to style their collection once and I really wish they would do some of their sweatshirts for women too!


MILA’S VIDE-DRESSING: IG 04/01/2015 11am

January 3, 2015


A few days ago, I was asked on Instagram how I kept our home uncluttered. The short answer is that I go through our things every month. I know that there is often a lot of emotions attached to the way we don’t let go things and that’s ok.

Yoga teaches you that if there is one posture you don’t want to do, that’s exactly the one you should be doing right now. I think it’s a bit the same with decluttering our personal space…the things we don’t want to let go are the things we need to let go so we can move on with our lives and address the emotions that tie us down.

One thing I do now (and it took me a while of getting used to the idea) is letting go of Mila‘s baby & toddler clothes because at the end of the day, she is growing up, she is becoming her own, beautiful person with a mind of her own, her own tastes (which means she will no longer wear the gorgeous Liberty tops her mum loves so much) and she won’t really care if I keep her baby clothes for 20 years. So letting go of her clothes I loved so much is a way of embracing that my kid is growing up and I need to go with the flow with her rather than looking back.

As such, I will be selling some of her things tomorrow on Instagram from 11am. All proceeds go into her bank account.

What Mila wears...details on

Mila wears a furry coat from Zara | Bellerose sweatshirt with sequins from Elias & Grace | Fingers in the Nose skinny jeans from Elias and Grace | furry boots from Gap


My selection at Elias and Grace

November 28, 2014

Last night I was on the starting block for the Elias and Grace Black Friday SaleMy shopping basket was ready and came midnight,I just refreshed the page and all the reductions were applied and considering they were things the minx really needed (except for the sweatshirt which was a treat), I was very happy with the savings I made.

I ordered this lovely Sunik sweatshirt with sequins by Bellerose (now down by 30%) which had been on my radar for a while, a pair of Sheepskin boots (also down by 30%) and a pair of Tama jeans from Fingers in The Nose down by 60%.

10 things I love from Elias & Grace Black Friday Sale. More at www.karinecandicekong.com1. Sunik sweatshirt from Bellerose (30% off)| 2. Autumn dress from Soft Gallery (30% off) | 3. Chanou skirt from Bellerose (70% off) | 4. Almo bag from Bobo Choses (30% off) | 5. Raglan t-shirt from Noé & Zoé (30% off) | 6. Haring blouse from Hartford (70% off) | 7. Ecrin dress from Bonton (30% off) | 8. Edra skirt from April & Showers (60% off) | 9. Ethan cloggs from April & Showers (60% off) | 10. Caspi trousers from Bobo Choses (30% off)