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Check out these gorgeous Japanese linen aprons for children

February 28, 2014

The girls are still on holidays so we went to the office to shoot these beautiful Japanese linen aprons … Lily (my niece) who is obsessed with BODIE and FOU and wants to run it one day, asked me when we came out of the house if everybody in our street, knew that I was working for BODIE and FOU … sweet :-)
Someone also asked me at work where I managed to get this blonde child…all credits to the bold kiwi…I was blonde for a while 10 years ago and thinking of it, it was probably not my best look.
Have a fab Friday, bises.

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{PARIS} My top decorating tips to revamp a kids bedroom

January 26, 2014

…& most favourite kids brands at Playtime.

As mentioned here, I’m in Paris for the week to attend various trade shows. Yesterday, I went to Playtime which is mostly about kids fashion (sadly decoration is very limited, you have to go to M&O for that) but I love going because it’s a playful, feel-good show.

There is a lot of creativity in kids fashion, bright, daring colours and often a lot of very good, funky ideas on stands that you can apply to interior design when you decorate a kids bedroom.
This year was also very special because my friend Michelle Marshall was one of the four artists invited by Playtime to create an art installation and Mila was one of her models (more of this later).
So here is my round-up of my favourite kids brands this year:

//Tocoto Vintage
A gorgeous, Spanish brand launched 3-years ago, Tocoto Vintage draws its inspiration from vintage things sourced by the designer on the island of Formentera* They had gorgeous things that made me wish I had a baby or toddler to dress up.

Decoration tip: Paint a wall in light grey (Farrow & Ball’s Pavillion grey is quite similar) and paint the name of your child on the one to add a touch of softness, like they’ve done with their handwriting brand name.

*Talking of which, have you ever seen the Spanish movie Lucia y El Sexo??

//Franky Grow
From Japan*, the Franky Grow stand was an explosion of colours and fun. They sell their collection at Le Bon Marché in Paris and in various other European countries but sadly they don’t have any stockist in the UK (hint hint!)

Decoration tip: if you have a very small budget/no budget at all to revamp the kids bedroom, tear pages from your favourite kids magazines (Milk, Doolittle) and make a cool montage out of them on a painted wall. Cardboard letters like the ones used to write the word Japon, can be found in craft shops at £3 each approx.

//Tree House by Anja Schwerbrock
Anja is a German designer who graduated from Antwerp Fashion Academy and has already an established line for women. I’m a big fan of her baby clothing collection Tree House, which is beautiful, simple and soothing. Using fine natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool, most of the collection is either organic or fair trade.

Decoration tip: I put an option on my dad’s work bench in France 18 months ago to use it in the entrance of our holiday home in France but I really like the idea to take into a nursery to bring a more organic, vintage feel to the room. Mix with light, white cotton curtains and beautiful light with a airy feel like the Z5 pendant light, this would be just a room made in heaven.

//Nixie Clothing

With its “English eccentric” aesthetics, Nixie Clothing draws its inspiration from nature, ancient tribes, folklore and fairytales and has some amazing pieces. Designer Nicole Frobush and I had both our London homes features in Paumes’ Family homes in London book so it was fun to finally meet up after being friends on Facebook for over a year. 
Decoration tip: Being a fan of typography, greys, B&W photography and prints, I was drawn to the simplicity of the typography next to the photo of the child. I think it would look fab on the kids’ bedroom door for instance.

//Photography: Karine Köng | All Rights Reserved


Mila’s 8 years-old Birthday party

June 10, 2013

(C) Photography: Michelle Marshall
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we had a fun but busy Saturday (…and Sunday) celebrating Mila’s birthday with 5 of her friends staying for a sleepover. 
To be honest, it wasn’t as hard work as some of her parties we had in the past with 12 excited, screaming kids. At 8, the girls pretty much entertain themselves and they were all very sweet and got along nicely together but by the time, I had prepared 5 dishes, had a nice BBQ and a fair amount of wine, I was done ;-) 

Kids Party – 5.30pm kick off
– Games for everyone to get to know each other & have fun (musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical statues)
– Paint your own t-shirt (my favourite part): I like doing things that are going to stimulate the kids’ mind and creativity so this was perfect! Following my post on this little creative project last March, I downloaded a few patterns for the girls to use while Steve got some fabric paint from an art shop and white t-shirts from H&M.
The girls were amazing (you can see their cool artworks on IG) and they had a lot of fun. Some used the patterns, other did their own drawings but they all did a fantastic job and the t-shirt was part of their goody bag at the end of the party.
Just make sure you iron the t-shirt to fix the paint onto the fabric before washing it.
– Make your own pizza: Saturday morning between Bikram yoga and a well-deserved massage, I prepared two gluten-free chocolate coconut cakes and some gluten-free pizza dough for the girls to make their own pizza (fun and easy!)
– Dessert was Gwyneth’s gluten-free chocolate brownie with organic ice-cream
– Movie
– Sleepover in the guest room where we had laid out a couple of inflatable mattresses. I think they fell asleep around 11pm but sadly for us, they were all up at 7.30am on Sunday Morning awake & kicking!
While Steve, Michelle and I were drinking a large amount of tea & coffee to wake up and make the girls some pancakes, they watched a movie.
The party was over at 10.30am on Sunday and I was dead for the rest of the day so of course, I was in no shape for a 6a, wake up call to tackle the new week of my 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge but I’ll go later on today. xoxo

PS: Party bags including the t-shirt the girls painted and one Arne Jacobsen design letter mug

Little creative project | T-shirts for kiddos

March 5, 2013

Gosh I’m so excited!
We’ve finally received some of the things I sourced earlier this year in Paris for our new SS/2013 catalogue* and they’ve finally arrived which means that from tomorrow it’s styling day for me until I’m off to Copenhagen
Before I log off to prepare everything for our photoshoot,, I just wanted to share with you these gorgeous tutorials by Oana Befort [pronounced ‘Wanna”].
Oanna is a talented Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Romania. You can see her pretty illustrations here and she regularly shares wonderful tutorials to make your own gorgeous kiddos t-shirts here
My favourite is this one of the bear below which you can download here. In fact, I would love to have this little bear as a B&W illustration for our home…
I’m going to show them to Mila tonight. We were talking about the theme of her birthday party over the weekend, this could be  a great idea for her guests but maybe not…
I don’t know, sometimes she is still my little girl (who just lost 2 front teeth this weekend) and other times she is 7 going 17. I’m hoping I can get away with cute kids party one more year ;-)

// Check new arrivals on Instagram | Get a copy of our SS/2013 catalogue | Image by Oana Befort