our home in France

Summer vibes

June 29, 2016

Summer vibesThese past few days have been feeling like Summer holidays.
I’m not on holidays yet but as a friend of a friend said when he moved from Paris to Brittany “I live on holidays”.

I didn’t think I could. I didn’t think I wanted to be here. I didn’t want to live London and after losing my grandmother, my aunt and dad…I wasn’t sure the Bay was the place I wanted to be, too many memories but time heals…

Spending these past months in our holiday home in France where the weather has been pretty glorious, re-inventing & creating a new life less stressful, taking surfing lessons, having breakfast outside on the deck, friends around, picnics at the beach in the evening like last night, felt exactly like this…I live on holidays.

Photo from our Airbnb holiday home in France (more on Instagram here)

New polished floor in our home in France

May 3, 2016

bedroom concrete floorFollowing my last post on the renovations of our holiday home in France, here is a sneak-peek of the new floor in one of the bedrooms. I’m totally in love with it.

Our builders took away the sisal floor we had laid down ten years ago, applied a new layer of concrete, polished it and paint it with hard-wearing floor paint. The walls are getting a new coat of pure white paint too.

This option was a third of the cost of a polished concrete floor and still looks fantastic. We will see over time if it is hard wearing… You can select the colour of the floor you want so we opted for a soft grey (similar to our resin floor in London) to contrast gently with the walls painted in pure white and keep a feel-good holiday vibe.

Mila’s room is being done too and I will share more photos once we’ve made progress in both rooms…

For those renovating houses in France, here is what we used:

PS: the house is available for rentals throughout the year here. August is now fully booked but there is still a few availabilities left in July.

Real life bedroom

March 19, 2016

Grey bedroom: How to get the effortless look in the bedroomReal life bedroom or How to achieve the effortless look in the bedroom after a certain someone came for a cuddle and used our bed as a practice for her gymnastic competition next week…Yet I wouldn’t change a thing because one day, she will think it’s totally uncool to come and give us a cuddle. Have a great weekend


Spring DIY & home renovations projects

March 13, 2016

How to tackle home renovations projects in your homeA little glimpse of peace and quiet before we start the renovations in our holidays home in France
It won’t be as major as our last renovations in London but I know from experience that home improvement projects are always dusty and disruptive so while I’m soaking up the peaceful vibes of the house before it all starts, I’m also preparing the rooms for their makeover.