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How to tell your Airbnb guests about WC with a bit of humour. Read on

How to tell your Airbnb guests about the toilet?

I know… the last thing you were expecting me to write about was toilet but bear with me :-) I’m off to Paris next week to attend the Airbnb conference where I will be part of the Expert panel to share tips and advices on how to style your home, promote it via social media and get positive reviews.

office space in a tree house. Read on

Office space in the tree house – Part 1

Steve started building the tree house in 2009 after we went for a run in Cazaux during which, I showed him a little tree house in someone’s garden. As it happened, he then spent the rest of our holidays building this “little” gem which is now 10.1 sqm (3.75 x 2.70 m) and about 5m high. Over the years, we’ve made small improvements to the tree house which is becoming a work of love. 

Mila’s homemade pikelets

As some of you know, we are a franco-kiwi family and while we are not spending as much time in New-Zealand as we do in France, we’ve always made a point of teaching Mila to be a freewi and to embrace both nationalities and cultures. She was doing the Haka at the age of 3 and the same way I taught her how to make crèpes (pancakes), Steve taught her how to make pikelets which she made yesterday and again this morning and they are delicious!!

French house renovations, new floor & sofa. Read on


Here are some photos of the lounge we recently renovated in this house in France and managed to finish before our first guests from Sweden arrived! I absolutely love how it looks.

French house renovations. Read on

House in France | Renovations

We are currently renovating and re-decorating this home in France (also listed on airbnb here) and have only two weeks left to complete the project. The house is 72sqm, fits 6/7 people and has a lovely 165sqm private garden (great for alfresco dining).

Design updates in our home in France. Read on

How to update your old sofa without buying a new one

Have you ever looked at your old sofa and thought…“argh you ugly thing I can’t stand you anymore!” ? Well it was pretty much how I felt about our old sofa in our holiday home in France. We bought it eight years ago and while it is still very comfy and serves a perfect purpose for our home that has often two or three families and lots of kids hanging out, in the past two or three years I had grown really tired of its sight…

Tea party in our tree house | Our holiday home in France

Tea party in our tree house

These are behind-the-scene shots I took when Côté Ouest magazine came to shoot our home last June, which I never shared with you. We moved a lot of things around in the house for the sake of the photoshoot to create new images but I’m especially fond of these photos in our tree house which was built by Steve and was a really work of love. Sadly Mila no longer fit in this fabulous denim jumpsuit which we got from Gap but you can probably find similar ones on Elias and Grace or Smallable. I’ll sell some of Mila’s clothes on Instagram soon.

At home, France

This year, I will be travelling quite a lot back and forth between London and the Bay of Arcachon so I will take this opportunity to share with you my favourite addresses in this beautiful region, starting with a few updated photos of our open-plan kitchen/dining room in our home in France. We quickly renovated our holiday home 8 years ago on a budget and did a lot of the work ourselves like laying down the solid oak floorboards above, putting plasterboards up, painting the whole house and dealing with local cowboys builders. It was gruelling and not fun at all, which is why I’m glad we are doing things differently to renovate the London house (#bodieandfourenovations) The kitchen (it bugs me each time I look at this skirting board!) is from Ikea and the Vipp bin is a limited edition we did with iconic Danish brand Vipp (a creative collab’ I’m hugely proud of). As we did everything on a budget, I mixed great design pieces from BODIE and FOU like these beautiful bone china pendant shades (above the kitchen counter), …