Weekend vibes | Beginning of December

December 12, 2016

Weekend vibesHi Guys, I can’t really say I’m in a fantastic shape at the moment. I’m in my 4th week of fighting this damn chest infection, which really leaves me exhausted physically. I sleep a good seven hours each night but feel like I had no sleep at all three hours after getting up. It is so frustrating…
On one hand, my mind feels very alert, almost motivated enough to go for a run, while my body is saying “no way Jose” so I’ve decided to try to finish the year in one piece, take it as easy as much I can and keep my fitness cravings for the new year.

The good news is that I have now received my new pair of glasses and I see things in focus so I have started editing the pictures I took of Aude last Summer in Hossegor (isn’t she beautiful!?) and took new ones of Florian over the weekend when he was teaching the kids to bodyboard (you can see more of them on People from the Sea).


I haven’t started making the ‘happy bucket list” I mentioned here but one thing that is really clear to me is that I really want to spend more time taking photos next year, capturing people’s emotions and learning to edit my photos on Photoshop.
While 2015/2016 were difficult years on so many levels, taking photography and creating images has provided me with huge amount of joy and has helped me somehow, to keep my head above the water during difficult times.
I’m not sure if it is the creative process or focusing on capturing positive, human emotions but I strongly encourage you to find the thing that will make your world better.
It doesn’t matter if you’re not good enough to start with (you will make progress), it doesn’t matter if others are much better than you (focus on your own things). What matters, is that you do something that makes you happy. If it’s great and appreciated by others, that’s the cherry on the cake but the most important thing is that it is appreciated by you.

For those like me who want to improve their photography and editing skills, I strongly recommend watching over and over all the free videos available on Objectif Photographe (in French) and Creative Live and find other tutos on youtube that inspire you. I started trying to edit my photos 10 weeks ago and it’s only after weeks of trials and errors that I finally achieved a result I’m pleased with. What took me 4 hours on a photo at first, is now taking me 20 minutes so don’t give up.

I also wanted to share with you this interview of Grace Bonney, Founder of Design Sponge by Marie Forleo, which I find really interesting and inspiring.

Have a great week. I will try to post again this week xoxo



November 23, 2016

GratitudeIt has been a tough few days (actually a tough year but let’s focus on the last few days). We lost a chicken on Monday and that upset me more than I expected it would and yesterday, Steve and I went to a funeral as our friend Alexia lost her dad.
12 months after losing mine, feeling her intense pain and re-living the sense of loss and sadness we all felt, was extremely draining and painful.
We, as a group of friends, have spent far too many times at the Crematorium these past few months…4 times in total, that’s one loved one gone every 3 months.
Yet today, with tears in my eyes and my whole body aching, I want to feel grateful for all we have.


All the women in me are tired…

November 14, 2016

All the women in me are tired...The positive-thinking me, the resilient me, the resourceful me, the mother in me, the one who thinks that the world can be a better place, the one who doesn’t believe in racism, violence and sexism, the one who still hopes, the one who believes in friendship and humanity, we are all tired…

I wanted this year to be different, I wanted to end it on a positive note and I can feel that I’m heading into the same wall as these past few years…exhausted, depleted but with extra baggages: the burden of having lost a father, a beloved aunt and a close friend.

And I’m not the only one to feel the pain…there was Brexit, Paris, Nice, the US elections, the earthquake in New-Zealand and it’s probably not over so here is what I’m going to do and not do these next couple of months…

1/ I’m not going to do any Christmas shopping guide on the blog.
Granted, it will be a lost of income in affiliates links* but one of the reasons, I wanted to stop running the concept store I ran for 10 years, was that I got tired of posting things on Instagram with the same underlying message: BUY.
I’m tired of the consumerism. I’m tired of us (the world) buying things and throwing them away a few weeks later because nothing matters anymore. Not how it is made, where it is made or who made it.
When I was Mila’s age, we were taught in school how to cook, how to sew, how to repair a light and to these days, I still know how to repair and fix a broken light, change a socket or replace fuses. When I see the kind of really useless things Mila is taught at school, like flipping things she will never ever use in her grown-up life, I despair.
I wanted 2016 to be about inspiration and creativity, about beautiful things I saw and photographed without a commercial agenda, which is why I started People from the seaSadly I had to pause photography these past few weeks because of my eyes but I should receive my glasses tomorrow or the day after and I will resume photography as soon as I can.

2/I’m going to pause my personal Facebook account
I love Facebook. I’m not one of these people who believe it’s a negative platform. On the contrary, it has allowed me to stay in the lives of people I care about, people I appreciate even if we live in different countries, have different lives. It has allowed me to burst out laughing alone in front of my screen when friends in France, Italy or the US connected at the same time and cracked jokes. It has allowed me to make new friends online and to spend time in real life with like-minded people. It has allowed me to share petitions to save kids, animals, our oceans, to help Jacqueline Sauvage beaten and raped by her husband, to stop bullying at school, to help families with an autistic child, to make positive choices about what I eat, to make engaged choices about companies to boycott like Coca-Cola, Bayer & Monsanto. It has allowed me to discover new things, new people but right now, I’m tired to read one bad news after another. In the same way, if a plane is in trouble up in the air, you need to pull the mask on your face before attending your child, I’m putting the mask on my face so I can look after myself to have the energy to help others.

3/I’m not going to cover any political issues but I will just say this: If you are French, just make sure you register to vote. You have to do this before 31st December 2016 here because when the s**t hits the fan next year with far-right political groups gaining market shares, it will be too late to get your acts together and vote.

4/I’m going to be gentle on myself and focus on this blog which remains my creative space. I’m going to carry on sharing things that inspire me and hopefully will inspire you even if sometimes, it feels like no-man land with no-one bothering to comment despite analytics showing that you are there but not really. Well I’m here…

5/I’m going to do a list of things I want to do next year. Not a new year resolution kind of list but ones with trips and laughters, and simple things. A happy bucket list, like an extended version of 4 feel-good things I wanted to achieve in 2016.

Voilà, so I’ll be here if you need me…

Image source: nayyirah.waheed


4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by

October 12, 2016

4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by4 dark bedrooms to curl up in, is how I feel right now…