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Bathroom in loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of READ ON >>

Loft conversion renovations, part 1

  When we started our major renovations in our London home, the first big project we tackled was the loft conversion to create a double-bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Once this new room was finished, we pretty much moved in and camped there for about 7 months while the builders were working their way down through the second floor to create a new room where the terrace was, then the first floor where we raised the floorboards and finally to the ground floor where we replaced the tiles and floorboards by a resin floor and fitted a new kitchen. You can see more photos on Instagram under #bodieandfourenovations.

Moodboard in the home of BODIE and FOU Founder >>

Design updates in our lounge | Renovations

One thing I was looking forward to doing once the renovations* were over, was to re-do my family B&W mood board. You may have seen the original one in Bolig magazine here, VT Wonen here, Elle Decoration here and Milk magazine here. If you are using masking tapes, it’s a very easy project to do and one that I find very uplifting and versatile. Ultimately I want to make a family mood board out of all the smiling family photos we have. I realised when I put this montage together how amazing it made me feel to look at Mila‘s infectious smile over and over but I haven’t got around to print them all so for now I’m using printed photos I had. It’s also a great, creative project if you rent a space and you don’t want to damage the walls.

white cupboards, Bertoia chair, linen bag. More on

Our new leather door handles

One thing that I found a bit tedious during the renovations of our home in London* was the number of times we had to make a decision on the final look of A) radiators: 12 in total, B) door handles and C) doors.

A sneak-peek of our kitchen | RENOVATIONS

After 4 1/2 months of intense renovations and an insane high level of dust throughout the whole house, our kitchen is almost ready (see old one here) and I really thank you all for all your very kind comments when I posted this photo. I spent last weekend unpacking and re-discovering pretty ceramics I hadn’t seen in over four months and I even bought some fresh basil in a pot. Once we are settled down, I will defo add one of these beautiful plants. Was four months without a kitchen worth it? Oh yes! We’ve tripled our storage space and created a white kitchen that I loved (I really hated the previous one), with a beautitful, smooth Corian worktop and a very long and inviting breakfast bar. At some point, the level of dust in our house was so high that it was a real challenge to have a ‘normal’ family life, let alone finding a space or the energy to write a blog post so I’ve posted most of the renovation updates on Facebook (you can view the whole renovations album …

Would you paint your housefront in dark colour?

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about buying a piece of dark clothing.Personally I love wearing black during the winter. My new Winter coat IS black and I’ve just treated myself with this B&W jumper but would you paint your whole housefront in black? We did… and I can’t tell you how happy I am we took the jump. I think it’s an easy call to paint a modern building standing in the middle of nowhere in dark colours or in the middle of nature (we did it for our tree house in France) – a black cube will always stand out and looks beautifully striking.Painting a traditional British Victorian house was a little bit more challenging. First, there aren’t many residential homes painted totally in dark colours so it was hard to see an example of what it could look like. Second, we were very keen to modernise our home while respecting the character and period features of the building. In the end, we painted everything in Railings by Farrow & Ball except the inside of the …

5 sleek, modern bathrooms & mirrors

Now that our loft conversion is finished and I found this very cool bathroom mirror, I’m tackling our master bathroom, which is going to be white, minimalist with a resin floor. For the basin, I’ve ordered a beautiful basin designed by Antonio Lupi similar to this one. Taps: I’m looking at Vola or the taps designed by Antonio Lupi (subject to costs) Bathroom mirror:  I haven’t yet decided but the Pebble Grey bathroom mirrors may well do the trick as they have an interesting collection of cabinet mirrors. I just need to work out if our bathroom mirror can be fitted into the wall rather than wall-mounted as Elisabeth did for her bathroom. Door onto the balcony: I think Steve is looking at something like this on a smaller scale. In the meantime, here are a few looks I really love… I really like the design of this wall-mounted storage unit that combines style and practicality. It’s a feature in itself and looks fabulous and striking. If you are after an industrial feel, check out this wall-mounted clothes …

The perfect mirror..

Our loft conversion with en-suite bathroom is almost finished (give ot take a door & radiators to install). You can see some photos I posted here and here before going on holidays or search for hashtag bodieandfourenovations on Instagram to see the whole project. The whole house is a building site and Steve and I are literally camping in this new room (LOVE the view!) but I think, we are managing the disruptions pretty well.We have the basics covered!We can shower (LOVE the new shower & our tiles) and we’ve added a mini fridge in one corner so I can carry on doing smoothies for my healthy challenge.One thing that has bugged me since the beginning of this project was finding a cool, nice mirror.I wanted something a bit more special than a straight rectangular one and I’ve finally found the one I want which will also be part of our AW/2014 collection.What do you think? I think it has a very cool, Scandi design and the shelf below will be just perfect to display my favourite cosmetics. …


Steve’s uncle used to have a beautiful Architect house in Hahei (New-Zealand), which had a bathroom with a large bay window overlooking a beautiful private garden and a glass roof which gave you the feeling of showering in the middle of nature. Since then, I’ve always dreamt of having a bathroom with a view. I think being able to shower under the sky is pretty magical, don’t you think?However we live in London and the space we had to play in our loft conversion, was far from being as spacious as these inspiring bathrooms.Yet, with 11 sq meters to play with, we managed to create an en-suite bathroom filled with natural light and large windows to look at the sky, which I will show you when it’s finished.>> Check hashtag #bodieandfourenovations on InstagramUntil then, here are 4 of my favourite bathrooms with a view… The white, minimalist, contemporary bathroom above is by far, my favourite design and space permitting, I would love to have a walk-in shower like this.However, there are two things to bear in mind: 1) A …