Free Valentine’s Day printables to download

February 13, 2017

Free Valentine's Day printables to downloadSteve and I have been together for two decades so dinner at the restaurant with half of the country is really not my idea of a romantic meal. I much prefer when we surprise each other with little attentions any other day of the year to show that we love and care about each other.

Last year, I put a mixtape together. This year, I have re-styled our dining room with a large blank canvas where I added the word LOVE and created some free printables which you can download and use as Valentine’s card. If you place them on each plate like I did, you will need to select to print as A5. READ MORE...

In As You Like Magazine

January 28, 2017

Being featured in As You Like magazineI hope you’re having a nice weekend so far.

Mine started nicely with a power walk listening to Louise Hay (has any of you started listening to her!? If you have, please let me know what you think) and then I took Mila to the gym so she could practice for her competition in a couple of weeks.

When we came back home, there was a copy of As You Like magazine with 6 pages dedicated to our home in London and a profile about me. I’m so excited! I know I had press coverage in the past but that kind of things never gets old, believe me!

As You Like magazine is a women’s magazine dedicated to the new e-generation and regularly draws profiles of Digital Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers etc….I mean, how far have we all come as a profession to have a magazine just dedicated to all the inspiring people we find online, it’s incredible and it gives me so much hope for the next generation of women, our girls, to create something new.

Anyway, this gives me the opportunity to practice the art of flatlay which I find tricky :-)


Today I love…

March 1, 2016

Natural styling by Paulina ArcklinHello everyone! How are you today? I have a question for you….As it has been no-man’s land (i.e. hardly anyone commenting) since this post (hint hint), it’s difficult to know if my latest blog posts have been of interest to you :-)

I mentioned this before but while analytics are a good tool, ultimately the thing I care the most about is connecting with you guys and knowing which blog posts/content/topic is of interest to you so I can keep writing things you are interested in reading about. Maybe you missed out on this article which admittedly was long but very interesting or yesterday’s interview, which is a fascinating read.

Kate and Nicole kindly explained to me why they were commenting on Instagram rather than here on the blog after reading the post but if you could once in a while leave some feedback, that would be fab!

Back to today’s post…
I really love this natural styling which reminds me of our trip in Portugal. It’s very soothing don’t you think? 
Little by little, I’m changing the decoration in our holidays home in the Bay of Arcachon for something more calming and natural. I’m also waiting for some quotes to see if we can cover the old damaged concrete flooring with two new layers of concrete and paint with a paint that looks like polished concrete. Has anyone done this in their homes?

//Photography: Paulina Arcklin, Turkish edition of Maison Francaise magazine

Today I love | this creative natural styling

January 28, 2016

Today I love | this creative natural styling by line kayI’m so loving this beautiful, natural styling by Photographer & Stylist Line Kay who I have mentioned before here. The mix of textures and soothing off white and cream hues with a few touch of vintage makes this the perfect spot to hang out on a gloomy day.

Line’s recent natural styling for Hale Mercantile Co. is also pure eye-candy. Go here to read about 5 ways to use this gorgeous naturel basket.