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Urban Jungle in San Francisco, Paxton Gate

Urban jungle in San Francisco

Last Monday, Siham from Frenchbydesign and I spent the day walking around the streets of San Francisco. I saw many pretty ceramic shops and coffee places in Valencia and I loved discovering Paxton Gate, which is quite an interesting, curious shop considering they specialise in entomology and taxidermy and plants. So yes you get welcomed by skulls and dead animals but then as you walk in, you discover this gorgeous urban jungle garden at the back of the shop filled with cacti, succulents and other beautiful plants. I thought it was quite funny the contrast between all things dead and these beautiful, green plants celebrating life…

4 days in San Francisco: How to travel light

4 days in San Francisco: How to travel light

As much I love when a guy offers to carry my heavy suitcase up the stairs, you have to admit that most of the time, we have to take care of things ourselves. So when I travel alone by plane, I make a point of packing light to make my life easier.

Child-friendly places to eat in the Bay of Arcachon

Birthday diner at the beach

Last night, we went for a family diner to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t fancy going to a typical French restaurant with 3-course meal because I can no longer stomach such heavy meals (can you!??) and I have a bunch of girlfriends arriving this weekend for a “girls weekend” so I wanted to pace myself. Instead, I wanted to do the two things I love doing the most when I’m in the Bay of Arcachon: Having a drink at La Co(o)rniche because I never get tired of the view of the Dune du Pyla and have oysters Chez Jejehne.

How to go on an exciting family gap year around the world

How to go on an exciting family gap year to travel the world

One Instagram account I truly enjoy following is Courtney Adamo’s (34), co-Founder of Babyccino Kids, who is currently on a family gap year with her husband Michael (45) and their four children: Easton (10), Quin (8), Ivy (6), Marlow (3). Leaving London in July 2015, they have so far visited the U.S., Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand, Australia and will soon head to Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and then back to Europe for the summer. With four young children, a career and a house, uprooting and embarking on such an adventure takes some serious planning. I got in contact with Courtney to pick her brains on how she organised such a journey. A fascinating read…enjoy! ORGANISING AND BUDGETING A FAMILY GAP YEAR How far in advance did you start planning this amazing trip? Michael and I made the decision to embark on this year of travel back in the autumn of 2014. We put our house in London on the market and it was sold by February. From this point, we started thinking about our trip and narrowing down the places …

Travel Guide to Grândola, Portugal

Grandola, Portugal travel guide

I wasn’t planning to do a post on our week in Portugal as it was off-season and a lot of shops and restaurants were closed but it was such a beautiful area and I had such an amazing time rekindling with my old passion that I thought I would share a bit of our trip with you.

The most inspiring, eco-friendly project in Bordeaux: Darwin

The most inspiring, eco-friendly project in Bordeaux: Darwin

How was your weekend? We spent a great, rainy weekend in Bordeaux with our friends, hanging out at DARWIN, the most inspiring, eco-friendly project in Bordeaux, which is also fast becoming one of the top must-see places in town, walking around and seeing a great exhibition at the modern art museum CAPC.

Travel tips for Sydney, Australia


We are going to Sydney and I’m SO excited, I haven’t been there for two decades! It looks like my 4 feel-good things to achieve in 2016 are onto a good start (have you written down yours yet?) When Steve and I fell in love nineteen years ago and decided to spend our lives together, besides the fact that I was super fit and he had hair :-), we agreed to live our lives like a big Adventure and one of the things we wanted to do, was moving to Sydney.

Weekend in London, things to do, things to see

10 cool things to do in London like a local

Steve and I have been travelled back and forth between London and France for a few months now while Mila is at school in France but it felt really good to be all back at the same time in our home in London. Catching up with friends, brunch, playdate, sleepover, pub, shopping, museum, we did it all and here are 10 things you can do in London like a local in one weekend (with kids!). 1/Have diner at the pub As you may know, we (French) take young children to restaurants kids, which is not very common in England, but as a result, she has learnt from a very young age to behave in a restaurant or public place. As a foodie, I think there is no better feeling than hanging out with our friends and their children in a warm pub in Winter, having a roast when it’s cold outside. Friday night, we went to The Duke of Sussex in Chiswick (10 min bus ride, great food & customer service!) but there are a few other nice gastro pubs in West London, all …