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White bedroom chez moi


Here are a few quick and easy tips to update your bedroom like mine. As I mentioned here, I’m forcing myself to pick up my EOS camera again rather than using my iPhone and I have to say, it challenges me a great deal so today you will only get two pictures  :-)

My home in London. Read on

London calling

I’m heading back to London on Sunday for a styling job, Ideal Home magazine is also coming to shoot our kitchen and as BODIE and FOU is exhibiting our prints collection at Design Junction from 24th to 27th, I will be attending our stand there too (I hope to meet some of you there!) I was struggling to leave this place when the weather was nice but now that it’s pouring down rain, it’s getting a lot easier. 

Our white kitchen | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong Read on


I’m heading to France next month to supervise a new interior design project which I’m really excited about so before I start spamming you with idyllic photos of the Bay of Arcachon, I thought I would share some photos of the kitchen project we recently finished in London.

How to create an effortless, stylish, natural look at home. More inspo at

How to achieve an effortless, natural look at home

Last Friday, my friend Mandy and I had a good laugh because our respective businesses (hers is Hush Homewear and for those who don’t know this, mine is BODIE and FOU) were built on the back of great style, French chic, Australian laid-back style and relaxed vibes and our girls, being pre-teens, have sometimes, gone on the opposite side of spectrum with pink leggings and mismatched outfits. When she went to France for the school year, I let Mila decorate her bedroom in our home there but a snapshot of her bedroom with mismatched cushions, colours & patterns on her Instagram, freaked me out (don’t look for it, I have deleted the photo hahaha). The good news is that we are finally turning a corner and since she saw her cousin’s bedroom in Paris (which is almost a BODIE and FOU showroom), she has decided she wants the same look and hallelulia to that! So if you have kids who loves spreading Lego or a boisterous dog with long hair like ours, breathe… there is a light at the end of the tunnel and here are …

Design updates at A Merry Mishap with Bemz

Design updates chez Jennifer

I have been dreaming about a grey sofa for our home in France since 2013 (see blog post then) for our 8 years old Ikea sofa, which is surprisingly still very comfy so I’m getting a new cover done by Bemz. If you are not familiar with Bemz, I think it’s one of the smartest concept created in these last few years.

Moodboard in the home of BODIE and FOU Founder >>

Design updates in our lounge | Renovations

One thing I was looking forward to doing once the renovations* were over, was to re-do my family B&W mood board. You may have seen the original one in Bolig magazine here, VT Wonen here, Elle Decoration here and Milk magazine here. If you are using masking tapes, it’s a very easy project to do and one that I find very uplifting and versatile. Ultimately I want to make a family mood board out of all the smiling family photos we have. I realised when I put this montage together how amazing it made me feel to look at Mila‘s infectious smile over and over but I haven’t got around to print them all so for now I’m using printed photos I had. It’s also a great, creative project if you rent a space and you don’t want to damage the walls.

White kitchen, natural floorbards. For more inspiration, go to

The Fredensborg house in Denmark

This is a home designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn, Architects & Founders of Norm. Architects. Everything they design, from commercial and residential interiors or products like the Milk Table lamp or the NA collection to name a few, they draw their inspiration from Danish tradition, craftsmanship and aesthetics and we know how much of an incredible design legacy Denmark has. Being mostly drawn to white interiors, I wanted to share with you the home they designed in Fredensborg, which is about is 30kms north of Copenhagen (if you are planning a trip to Cph, have a coffee at Atelier September, it’s a lovely place). The house is built on five low levels and I love how it flows from one room to another…

White kitchen designed by Arrhov Frick.

A relaxing, white & airy kitchen

The natural light, the white walls, the massive sky window to look at the sky…I absolutely love this kitchen. What do you think? The kitchen is from a block of 22 apartments built in a former meat factory by Swedish Architecture practice Arrhov Frick. I love the Vitra Eames house bird (available from John Lewis) sitting on top of the kitchen units. The square table is similar to the table en bois designed by Thonet in 1580. If you are based in France, you can get the Thonet chairs here. In the UK, has a decent selection. At home, I have the Knot chair //Photography: Arrhov Frick SHOP THE POST