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Jacqueline Morabito's home office

Jacqueline Morabito’s home office

French Interior Designer Jacqueline Morabito is by far my biggest inspiration in the world of interiors (shortly followed by Paola Navone) She was the one who inspired me to launch my concept store in 2005 and I’ve written about her work, a number of times on the blog here. I had the pleasure to meet her in 2010 when we were on holidays near Aix-en-Provence (beautiful region, do you know it?) and Steve was kind enough to drive almost two hours to her boutique and workshop in La Colle du Loup near Nice.

5 of the best wall-mounted desks for children & teenagers

how to optimise your home office: 4 ways

Are you looking for ways to optimise your office space at home? The number of people working from home rises to its highest level since records began. In the UK alone, there were 4.2 million UK home workers in the first three months of 2014 (2015 figures TBC), amounting to 13.9% of the workforce. Whether you live alone, share your space with your partner or a full house with children, here are four clever, contemporary ways to maximise floor space and create a nice office space at home.

Today I love…

This gorgeous workspace photographed by Sara Svenningrud, which is very warm, inviting and filled with natural light. Lovely mix of paintings and family photos and I love the contrast of the plexiglas chairs against the wooden worktop. You can get the paper bag from here. I’ve used them as placemats in the past but this Christmas, some of my customers are using them as Christmas stockings. As mentioned on Instagram, I’m currently re-arranging a few things on the blog in preparation of 2016 and I came across this oldie. Quite a gem actually! Beside Steve and Mila, I can safely say that I have pretty much changed, sold, given away, throw away, painted pretty much everything featured in our home in 2010 including my dodgy haircut :-)) What do you think? Do you like this space? 

office space in a tree house. Read on

Office space in the tree house – Part 1

Steve started building the tree house in 2009 after we went for a run in Cazaux during which, I showed him a little tree house in someone’s garden. As it happened, he then spent the rest of our holidays building this “little” gem which is now 10.1 sqm (3.75 x 2.70 m) and about 5m high. Over the years, we’ve made small improvements to the tree house which is becoming a work of love. 

Gorgeous workspace taking wall display to the next level! Read on


Hello everyone, how are you today and how beautiful is this work space? I’m totally in awe with this monochrome gallery wall, the Scandinavian look and the typography of the logo below but first I really would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking on board what I wrote here and here about leaving comments. It really touched me and every comment I receive, really warms up my heart and encourages me to keep blogging so TODAY I LOVE…is for you guys!

4 workspaces using plants to fight the holidays blues. Read on

4 inspiring workspaces with plants

What are your tips to cope with post-holidays blues? I usually start adding new prints on our walls to update the look of our home (loving my latest purchase here for our home in France) until I feel motivated enough to tackle a proper DIY job. I tackle little jobs like untangling this pretty garland or labelling all our house keys as if they were the job of the century, although they DO provide me with boundless amount of satisfaction :-) I sort out Mila’s clothes and bits and pieces that landed in our homes to clear our spaces and I add new plants to our home to forget about the ones I killed during the Summer. September is like New Year to me. It’s a new beginning, the chance to start over. Do you get that feeling too in September? 

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The home I grew up in…

What do you love the most about your home? For me, it’s first the people who live in it but it’s also the memories we have as a family….Mila’s Mustache Birthday party when she was 6  and her pink party when she 7, when we got Lucas…an astonishing, to die-for ball of fur who proceeded to wreck my vintage fur jacket, chewed my brand new Swedish Hasbeens and a few other things. When MILK magazine came to shoot our home …we had had so many photoshoots since then. It’s the weekends where we make pancakes for breakfast, pretty much every weekend except on Pancake Day….Something my mum was doing in the home I grew up in and a tadition I carried out for Mila… It’s Steve’s amazing Kiwi roast on Sunday with friends around and then curling up on the sofa to watch a family movie together with a bowl of soup in front of the TV because we’ve eaten so much! It’s the mornings when Mila was younger and jumped on our bed…. So when Hiscox asked me to write a piece for their latest …

5 inspiring white workspaces

Our renovations are still going smoothly… What used to be a terrace on the 2nd floor that nobody used, has now been converted into a light, airy contemporary home office and like the loft conversion, I think it’s going to be an amazing room filled with natural light. The room is being plastered today except this small brick wall which I managed to save and we are putting floorboards to be painted in white. Considering the scale of the project, I’m still amazed by how everything is running smoothly… Major credits to the kiwi who, not only does an amazing job, project managing the whole thing (check hashtag bodieandfourenovations on Instagram) but also to the amazing builders we have on site. I will happily share their details at the end of the project. I feel very lucky and grateful. It’s our third renovation work and we worked with “cowboys” in the past which made the whole thing a lot more stressful! So yes the house is a major building site, out of 3 floors, only one room is habitable but …