After ten years launching and successfully running online concept store BODIE and FOU, I have now sold it to focus on other creative and business ventures.

This Blog is one of them and like the e-shop, I run the blog like a business. This means that some articles will be sponsored.

In the recent months, I’ve seen a lot of negative comments on the feed of some instagrammers and bloggers when they mention a brand so please allow me to share my two cents on this issue.

Unlike a Journalist, a Blogger is not on anyone’s payroll.
It’s a freelance job and it takes years of hard work and commitment to make a living from it.
So in the spirit of women supporting each other, be appreciative of the Bloggers who have managed to make enough of a success from their blog to earn something from it.
There is nothing wrong with it. As a friend of mine rightly put it on her Instagram, it’s not a public service. If you don’t like seeing sponsored posts once in a while, just un-follow. No need to be critical about it.

It’s free inspiring content for you.
Glossy magazines cost between £2 and £4.50 and are filled with advertising, a blog is free for you to read but this doesn’t mean that it takes 5 min to make.
In all honesty, between research, writing and translation, a good blog post (for me) is about four to five hours work. Sometimes, these five hours of work will be paid. sometimes they won’t be but I will aim, regardless of getting paid or not, to bring content that you will find interesting and inspiring.

How do I make money?
It’s a mix of things…I regularly write optimised content for brands. Sometimes, the content will be for their blog and social media platforms and will be used as a communication tool, other times it will feature both on their blog and mine.

I also use affiliate links to earn a small commission when linking to products. The amount is minimal but it goes toward the time I spent creating blog posts that you enjoy reading.

I don’t do product reviews. As I try to keep my home clutter-free, a free product in exchange for a review doesn’t do it for me and I feel it would conflict with my writing. I’m known on Instagram and this blog for writing honest, genuine posts and I really would like to keep that way.

This doesn’t mean that I will not endorse a product or brand if I get paid for it.

I hope this clarifies things. Thanks for reading